2010 Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse

Taken with my Canon Rebel EOS T1i on a tripod with a 55 – 250mm zoom lens set at 250mm. Exposure varied from f5.6 at 5 seconds to f5.6 at 1/1600 second.

bloggy friend @Michelle Mills drew a photograph o’ mine. pretty pretty, no?

The Sunflower and the Butterfly

Laking It

…and loving it.

Has anyone here seen my…

…good friend Abraham, Martin & John?

This song got a lot of radio time in my childhood.

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Out on The Ledge


So, if you are wonder where you rank in the list of “richest people” this site will give you a rough idea

Global Rich List: http://www.globalrichlist.com/

Chances are (since you probably have a computer and internet) you live in the top 10%.

new chapter begins

after a 24 hour delay, Eric took the oath and is now on his way to the navy basic training facility at great lakes.


Chiminea a.k.a. Blast Furnace

My son-in-law often enjoys a cozy backyard fire in his chiminea.

Yes, we roasted marshmellows.

With 10′ marshmellow sticks.

I still have most of my eyebrows.


Father-Son Fishing

Note to those who want to use my photograph: You are free to use as long as you are not using it for marketing purposes and as long as you include attribution.  Please link back to this blog post and include my name. Thank you.

2 fishing rods a buck-33.95. 1 dozen night crawlers buck-2.95. 5 days camping…

Last night daddy caught a BIG PISH!

father son fishing child dad

My son-in-law, John and grandson, Jacob, fishing Lake Habeeb @ Rocky Gap State Park, Maryland 2009.


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