the rich young american snags honorable mention

I submitted a poem entitled the rich young american to the 2007 Annual Novice Christian Poetry Contest by Utmost Christian Writers and managed to snag an Honorable Mention award. Isn’t that cool! Not bad for a computer geek, huh?

Truthfully though, I fantasized about sweeping the field. You know, judges gasping, people crying and all. Yeah, so there I was, imagining being cool with a little tear welling up in my eyes as I humblyaccepted the award for all prize categories. I got about half way through my acceptance speech and my wife screams, “WATCH OUT! Didn’t you see that light was red?” And so ends my fantasy award acceptance story… cut short by reality and a wife who insists I live there… along with her. Live being the operative word.

Page One!Here is a link to the list of winners this year: 2007 list of winners. Since the list of winners is in the order chosen by the judges, I suppose that means the rich young american finished eleventh. I perfer to think of it as I Made Page One. Page One on my monitor anyways. If you are having difficulties seeing this on you screen, you really should look into buying a larger monitor. They are much cheaper now and that way you won’t miss any of my work. Right down there next to your task bar! How convenient!

I believe they will be posting the poem sometime soon and I will post a link to it from here once it is online. If you cannot wait and absolutely must know what lingers behind the title, I will be at the Poetry Open Mic at AACC, Arnold, Maryland, Humanities Building, Room 112 this Thursday, October 11, 7:00 – 9:00 PM. So come on out and discover the secret identity of the rich young american.

Now posted here: The Rich Young American


9 Responses

  1. Congrats…are in order.

    Well done…


  2. Thank you Poetman.

  3. Outstanding … to think that our clerk effort produced such a creative result and a little cash!!!!

    Proud of you …


  4. Wow – congratulations Ric! I know the feeling you are having. The gift you are sharing. I can’t wait to be able to read the work honorably mentioned!! Keep sharing. Unfortunately I won’t be able to be in Arnold Thursday as I am 300 miles away, but let me know when I can get a glimpse of ‘the rich young american’ please.

  5. Terri & Sue, Thanks so much!

  6. Congrats Ric! That’s wonderful news. I know you are thrilled.

  7. Way to go, bro! I read your comment on FCW and popped over here. Nice blog. You’re a great writer. I think you especially do well with humor. Will be looking forward to reading your entry when it’s posted.

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Wow! Thanks Sandy! Honorable Mention AND props from a published writer, photographer, and artist (Sandy Cathcart) and accomplished singer/songwriter (Sue — btw, you still owe me a signed CD;)… oh, AND a savvy reviewer of books-n-blogs (Vicki) ALL in the same week!

  9. Belated congrats! Where I can I read this poem? I am slow witted and can not find it.

    [Hey Christian, you can find the rich young american poem on my blog!]

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