My music video stardom

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to be a stand-in for a homicidal maniac part in a Zella Mayzell music video 80 in a 25. Whenever you cannot see the killer’s face, that’s me. When you can see the father’s / killer’s face it is the paid actor. The knife wielding manic is me, the Zella groupie. That’s really all that matters. I make a great faceless shadow man. IMHO, of course.
Andrew Paul Bowser (, the director and lead singer for the band, used horror, death, and murder as a metaphor for pain cause by something else… you will have to watch the whole video to understand.

During the 10 hours shooting the video I probably heard pieces of the song 70 times. Or 70 times 7. A LOT. It was very convicting at the time. Especially when Andy gets to the part where he sings slowly,

“This is not what fathers do. How could things have gotten so far out of my control? I can hear what I will say when all these actions show their nature, show their evil ways…”

The blood and mayhem is probably a little over the top for a family worship setting (haha). But maybe good for a small group. Let me know if you want my autograph — I can use red ink if you like.


2 Responses

  1. Nice stand in Booth. I forgot how good that song (and video) is. You make a great murderer.

  2. Cool, thanks! In yet another video, I am cast as a recovering, functional alcoholic. I am unsure of what this trend represents — great acting or great casting? ‘course I’ve never taken acting lessons so I’m probably just a natural…

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