The Canvas of Your Mind

Image of an image…
With this hairy painter’s permission, I captured a digital image of an oil image of a real image of something amazing (Niagara Falls July 2003)

The Canvas of Your Mind

if the poet were a painter
and i were just a brush
would his stokes give us color
and textures we might touch

if the poet were a painter
what color would be rife
as in me he is stirring
on this palette called my life

see my palette starts to color
primarily for fun
but drops fall as color bleeds,
the rest would simply run

from this mixed up tarnished palette
vibrant hues he will find
as together we paint pictures
on the canvas of your mind

This brush he’s always changing
still his hand stays the same
your painting quite so different
like the poet knows your name

emerging is the masterpiece
on the canvas of  your mind
amazing it is finished now
we thank you for your time


4 Responses

  1. Nice stuff! A superbly written poem with bold colors and bright tones. Poem has presence and sings with resonance. Please stop to read some of my poetry ( Keep sharing!


  2. Thanks for the compliment Drace! I will come by and read some.

  3. I’ve been waiting patiently for my RSS reader to alert me to a new post from you. It’s about time.

    Nicely written. I don’t know how to read poetry or critique it or anything like that. I do know that I really enjoyed this one.

  4. Thanks and congrats on your feed reader success. I don’t do well critiquing poetry either. I just know what I like.

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