Jesus is my Garbage Man

Recent blogosphere conversations with William Petruzzo (see have resurrected my thoughts concerning sanctification. As many time as I attempt to articulate my point-of-view, I fail. Well, here I go again. This time, using a bit of rhyme, is beyond any doubt my clearest description yet. If it confuses you, perhaps you can take heart that you have been spared my prior lesser attempts.

BTW, I find it helps to recall the Dr Seuss classic, Green Eggs and Ham prior to reading this.


Jesus is my Garbage Man
by ric booth

When I look into this sin I swim, I reason it is I who must
rid this sin from deep within.
After all it was I who put this sin down in…
or did I put myself within
this flotsam bog of sin I find me in?

No matter.
I ponder ways that my methods might
lift my sin from deep within.

I begin to dig and dig and dig
to fling out sin
from this bog I find me in.

I pause my works. I wipe my brow…
I smile there imagining how
Christ I am!

My pride it glows and glows and grows
within to more than fill my den of sin.

Shovel faster than anyone can
to cleanse the sin of prideful man.
Yet as I dig and fling and flee
I see my eyes are locked on…

Where is the One who came to win
this wretched stinking soul of sin?

Nowhere in sight as I fight this losing battle with sin within.

Oh heart of passion and love for Him… traded in for worthless tin.

I realize now sins not my problem!
I can fight but sin will win.

Lift my eyes from my sin within to fill my spirit with more of Him.

I cannot fix my sin filled heart while He and I grow far apart.

I cannot win this on my own. My pride again has cut to bone.

It is not that I need to rid
my sin so much as I

He gladly comes clean me out, this heart of stench with mildewed grout.

But I must move my thoughts from cleansing sin

Instead my eyes must take in Him

and as His spirit grows deep within

there will be little room for sin.


19 Responses

  1. Excellent! Because of your comment about green eggs and ham the voice in my head sounded almost like a taunting child or something. I hope what you said here is also communicated in my blog; I don’t want to give the impression that I think we can get the job done!

  2. Thanks and yes, absolutely. In fact, I’m going to blame this poem on your blog pretty much exclusively. As in,

    “Yo dude! That is the weirdest poem I have ever heard!!”

    “Thank you so much. Its Bill’s fault really.”

  3. Wow! I think it’s so cool how art can open up eyes and hearts so much more effectively ( and joyfully) that verbal explanations. Good stuff. Thanks.

  4. Thanks Christian. They say a picture paints a thousand words. And a poem is just a picture painted with words (see Canvas of Your Mind).

  5. Wow, I love it! This just really sums it up as to how we are so happy to have a savior to take away our sin and then we try to do it ourselves and it turns in to pride and sadly we lose sight of HIM, but HE never gives up on us… BTW I love Dr. Suess…just took my kids to see Suessical the musical! 😆

  6. Yeah, Dr Seuss is one of my heroes.

  7. Well done Ric! And isn’t it just the way it goes?

  8. Thanks. And yes, Every. Single. Time.

  9. “I do what I don’t want to do and I don’t do what I should do”…Paul

    Our Pastor had a man come to him one Sunday after church asking him what he should do to get off drugs. This man cried and told Pastor Tom that the more he tried not to think about drugs the harder it became…the more he wanted them, the more he sought them out. Pastor Tom replied, Stop trying to stop taking drugs! The man was puzzled. Pastor said, stop thinking about not wanting to do drugs and START thinking about God and God only. The more you focus on HIM the less you will focus on THEM.

    So God, let me filter everything through you first….be my vision.

  10. Clogs distract us from the only thing that unclogs us…

  11. Lots of people wear clogs in the kitchen. They aren’t too distracting by themselves. But when someone becomes unclogged – look out!

    Right on, Tamara. Focus on God and leave the worrying to him. It’s the only thing that works – every time.

  12. I learn so much from the sages of this space.

  13. “Clogs distract us from the only thing that unclogs us…”

    The irony!

    C – did you just call ME Tamara 😐

  14. From Wiki: Tamara is a female given name of Arabic, Hebrew, Italian and Russian origin, meaning “palm tree” or “spice”. The short form is Tam or Tammy, or more rarely Mara or Tara.

    It fits.

  15. when people have asked me before what my name means I have always said it means “see Tamara”. Thats what every book has said next to “Tammy”. so that’s the definition I give them. 😉

    Spice? hmmmm…. I can go with that! Although, I am a beach girl at heart so Palm tree is much more appealing to me 🙂

    C – as long as you’re nice you can call me whatever you like

  16. “Spice” ? “learning from the sages…”

    I’m like a prophet or something…I should rename my blog to Rikipedia.

  17. Okay, you did really mean that to be a ‘pun’ (i.e. ‘spice’ and ‘sage’), didn’t you, or was that just one of your ‘unaware’ but profound utterances =)?

    ‘Just wanted to make sure we all ‘got it’ =).


  18. I’m just punning around in my spare thyme.


    Thanks, I needed a good laugh! I have a blogache ={.


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