The First Christmas Tree

It seems only appropriate to post the story of the first Christmas tree. After all, what would the first Christmas be without including the story of the first Christmas tree?

The First Christmas Tree

I sought and cut down the very first tree
chosen carefully – hand picked by me.
I planted my tree so long ago
long before carols, presents and bows.

Many rituals would start with this one act
with fictional myth replacing all fact.
Still I will finish, all will be spoken.
It must be just so and yet … so broken

So I chopped down the very first one
planted so long ago for the one Son.
I carried my tree to the top of the hill.
Whoever so seeks, finds me there still.

No roots. No water. My tree should be dead.
Yet Life clings to it, a crown on His head.
The first Christmas tree adorned with One Light
Leading all seekers out from their night.

Just One shining Star hung high up above.
Glistening red steamers raining my Love.
News of my tree spreads near and far.
They come from far off, seeking my star.

Each year they go … to cut down a tree
illume it with light … forget about me
Each tree still points to heaven alone
trinkets replacing my gift … the way home

My gift at my tree is the greatest of all –
wrapped not with ribbons, bought not at the mall.
I paid for my gift with my very own Life
One decoration, One Love sacrifice.

Love graces my first Christmas tree
my work now finished. My gift? Just me.
So box up your toys, wrap up your shame
bring all your lovers, your rubbish, your pain.

Just bring them to me, to leave at my tree.
Tag them “To: Jesus” then come, follow me!


2 Responses

  1. Geez E. I really like this one a lot too. I like the ending the best part though…It’s a great poem!

  2. Thanks Megan! I love the ending too.

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