Twenty-Seven Year Anniversary

Or, put another way, Patti-n-Ric turn 27 today!

Twenty-seven years ago my bride, Patti, and I set out on this journey we call marriage. I have tried to write a poem but they all sound cheessie. “After 27 years in as many beers, I long for you to know my love for you still swells grows.” I will keep working this to see if anything meaningful comes to mind. “I love you” covers it.

I wish I could offer profound advice for young people. However, I do not feel I have accomplished this feat called marriage of 27 years. I did not start out with Ric’s 7 principles of a successful marriage. I have not developed 7 principles along the way.

There was a time when we were both at our wits end. That is, we were dangerously close to calling it quits. Marriage counseling (which for me, was much needed psychological counseling) helped to reveal some walls we had unwittingly erected about our lives. Somehow we emerged from those difficult times still married! Again, I am at a loss for putting my finger on the secret advice to pass along.

Still, some of you are out there screaming, “Just tell me what you did!” Well, okay. Ready?

I got married at 21 and clueless. That is, before actually ever getting a full-time job and before actually moving out of my parent’s home, I found someone beautiful who had two children and we were wedded after dating 6 months. I continued going to school full-time for 2 years and finished my undergrad. My spouse continued working full-time and supporting me, which is probably why its important to find someone beautiful. I got a job (finally!) and began chasing the American Dream relentlessly. My chasing continued for about 13 years. I worked like a madman, seeking validation in my career. I neglected my family. When the bottom fell out (thank God for that btw) I agreed to some family and marriage counseling. Of course my motive for agreeing to this was to “fix” my family, as I was arrogantly confident of my own perfection. As part of my fix-it strategy, I began taking my family to church. Certainly not for my benefit of course. However, God had other plans. I stumbled upon Him in Galatians or He found me and we met. whatev. After much counseling and searching I came to Galatians 5:6. Life has not been the same since.

Please do not attempt to duplicate this stunt at home.
I am happily married to the bride of my youth for 27 years now. Please, no applause. Certainly no bows. Kneeling maybe.

I am simply blessed and thankful that someone is looking out for me.


2 Responses

  1. Ric, congratulations to you and your bride. You both are truly honorable to have been committed as you are. My wife and I will be 17 this year. Thanks for being a couple that we can look up to for example to continue on in a blessed union!

  2. A great post. Thank you.

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