My Closely Guarded Secrets to Making it to a 27th Wedding Anniversary

Okay, so I’ve given this some considerable thought and I’ve decided to share some of my wisdom. I know, oxymoron but just bear with me. Say you want to one day celebrate a 27 year wedding anniversary, how might you go about getting there? Here’s my list:

  1. Get Married. The sooner the better. Many well-intentioned people overlook this very important step. I mean, after you’ve been with someone for 27 years, wouldn’t be great to celebrate your 27th wedding anniversary? Think of it like you think of your 401k. That would be dumb, right?
  2. Live. I know, weird but important. Your anniversary date will come regardless but the celebration will no doubt be funner if you follow this rule.
  3. Stay married. I know, “Duh!” It sounds simple but you may be surprised at how many people forget this rule. Again the anniversary of your wedding will come with or without your marriage intact but the celebration will be funner…
  4. Remember your anniversary. Critical. If you want to live (see rule #2) to celebrate your 27th, follow this simple rule.
  5. Never attempt to define a loving relationship with a list of rules. Its been tried. They even wrote a book about it. Truth.

9 Responses

  1. That was delightfully witty. I like number 2; an important prerequisite to arriving at the anniversary of anything is that you remain alive. That is excellent advice.


  2. Live is kind of poetic too. Many couples forget to “Live.” Instead, for lack of encouragement, they die… slowly… one day at a time. It is important to LIVE. You may quote me on that one.

  3. funny!funny!funny! but all youve said were true.
    found your link here

    i wish to read the poem you made though you said its cheezy. 😛


  4. Thanks Catea, I’m glad you liked the “advice.”

    Regarding the cheesie poem(s): Its my blanket policy to never post my crap. “Crap” is a relative term I use to describe my body of work that causes me nausea, vomiting, and/or complete total embarrassment.

    If you track this post and comment chain until I die, my surviving family may find someone who will troll through my hard drive and post all my crap. You see things like this with “Never before released studio jam ssessions!” and “The early works!” and “The lost novels!”

    This is a common practice known as “Embarrassing artists post-humorously.”

    So yeah, be patient. Where there’s death, there’s hope.

  5. you’re really funny,lol! but i insist.

    well, if you would still refuse to, im patient enough to wait until that day. when you closed your eyes completely. 🙂 😛

  6. imfallinginlove blog is mine by the way. this is catea. see? i have a secret blog where i hide my words-behind-words-said-behind-his-ears. 😛

  7. Thank you for your patience.

  8. Remember your anniversary.

    We have always had the reverse relationship – hubs always remembers, I seldom do. I know the month…

  9. Louise, you are in role reversal mode there! haha

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