Babies make us smile. Its true. Look at a baby and you will smile. When we see a baby we want to look, gaze, linger as long as possible. If we know the parents, we expect to be able to touch and hold the baby as well. We are overcome with an unquenchable desire to squeeze their chubby checks! We cannot possible get close enough to a baby. We love to go nose-to-nose, getting right in their faces.

For the skeptics, here’s an experiment. I have 2 pictures here of males dressed in red sweaters.

A. JacobJacob B. Old manRic

Which picture makes you smile?

No, not laugh, SMILE.

A. Jacob.


Jacob is one of my grandsons by the way (which is probably obvious!) but I had to add that being the Granddad an’ all.

So there, it is confirmed: Babies make us smile.

What is that? Why do we smile? Why do we long to be near the babies?


13 Responses

  1. you got me there, i laughed lol! babies make us really smile. i love babies. their presence is inexplainably magical. 😉

  2. Because their noses are small? Just like puppies, baby horses, etc. etc. I read that somewhere. I don’t know what it means, though.

  3. They’re full of possibilities and love to be loved. My babies are all teenagers, I’ll have a few years before I can hold one I can call my own again.

  4. hmm… inexplainably magical, adorable (=small noses, my translation Christian), full of possibilities, love to be loved… sounds familiar…

  5. Babies smell so good and I love their warm little faces, so sweet. My son is eight, now he smells like a puppy. 🙂

  6. Well puppies smell good for about a day after their bath 🙂 Around middle school he might digress to smelling like a hound dog at times too. But then by early high school he’ll start smelling like Ol’Spice or Brut. That’ll be the worst.

  7. I like ol’ spice!

  8. Oh, well in that case he won’t be using ol’ spice. Try to imagine the scent that makes you feel ill… that one will most likely be his weapon of choice. You have a few years before the teenage years though. Enjoy them all, children are such an adventure.

  9. I wear Old Spice. Good enough for my dad, good enough for me, and only $5.99 at Walgreens.

  10. You must be one sweet smellin’ bear.

    I am thinking of a new blog post or poem… Common Scents.

    y’all inspire me.

  11. Brute is handcrafted in hell…

  12. You’re one of those people who likes others to know EXACTLY where she stands on things aren’t you??

  13. Me? naaah 🙂

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