Poetry Compilation, er… ahh… List

For the poetry lovers here is my first e-compilation. Most of these are committed to memory so that I can slam ’em at local open mics. You can check out my planned outings on my Events page.

  • I so loved the wolf (Off-site link)
  • An arrangement of 80 one syllable words you can find just lying around the house!

  • Crashing Utopia
  • What does utopia look like? Before and after the crash … oh and during.

  • our turn (Off-site link)
  • Why turning to God is more like not turning away.

  • the rich young american
  • Who was that rich young ruler? And what was he thinking!?

  • life was so simple before i died
  • Ahh.. the simple life. Not about the tv reality show– just reality.

  • my friend
  • So when we say, “I love my friend” what exactly do we mean?

  • cast•a•way
  • Castaway attempts to answer the question, “What does the cycle of evil look like?” A follow-up question might be, “And why does Ric seem know so much about it?”

  • The Prettiest Shackle
  • An indictment of the 14k gold WWJD bracelet. If you are thinking of buying one you should read this first. You can send me the money you save.

  • the f-word
  • A story of forgiveness.

  • the canvas of your mind
  • Excuse me, would you mind if I paint a picture in your mind? Yes? Cool! This might sting a little.

  • Jesus is my Garbage Man
  • While doodling one day I wrote this sanctification how-to manual.

  • ‘Twas the Very First Christmas
  • A truth-ladened variation of The Night Before Christmas.

  • The First Christmas Tree
  • I was on a roll of firsts.

  • Nothing Special
  • Why is there so much nothing? It like, EVERYWHERE!

  • Birth Day
  • Not to be confused with birth day anniversary.


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