Racism Strikes my Brother’s School

Robert MackeyMy brother, Robert Mackey, is the superintendent of the Unadilla Valley Central School in upstate New York. A couple of students hung a noose outside an African-American teacher’s door. This noose epidemic is insane. Links to the news article online and the local news video. The local news spoke to the teacher, Mark Montgomery, and my “little” bro.

He is handling the heat well. (psst, I’m a little proud of him.)

News Article: http://www.wktv.com/news/local/15675197.html

Video: http://www.wktv.com/news/local/15675197.html

Mark Montgomery talks about forgiveness in the video, which is really amazing. The two students names have not been released and I credit the police and the school for that. Pray for God’s love and for the transformation of hearts.


14 Responses

  1. I truly do not understand racism. I am so confused b y what people are thinking when they treat another this way. Is it a power thing? Insecurity? It has to be taught. We don’t just hate a group of people. I just don’t get it.

    Good to see your bro is on top of things 🙂

  2. Hey B- Ironically (coincidentally 😉 ) for the past week I have been working on a new poem that deals with racism. My theory: hate is fear that has been left to sour.

  3. I like that. I’ll be anxious to read it.

  4. MY uncle taught high school in new york for years, he has some stories that make you shudder. The hatred these kids have can easily equal anything from places like iraq or afghanistan. It’s amazing the rage that is inside…Hope to read your poem soon!

  5. Yeah… scary. My title for this poem is Unsettling Fear… it may offend some but hopefully it will open some much needed discussion.

  6. I think racism like that is the ultimate expression of blindness, numbness and ignorance.

    I highly respect and appreciate how the school is handling this! Very respectable!

    You’re bro is a cutie 😉

  7. oopsies! guess I can’t edit that now!


  8. Tam, Yeah I should credit the media too. Its smalltown USA up there so you know everybody knows everything but the news agencies aren’t publicizing for ratings.

    And yes the cute runs strong in our family 😀

  9. Hey B, I hear she a pastor’s wife too.

  10. I heard she was too

  11. Back about 6 years ago when I was struggling with what to do next I was thinking out loud with my wife and said, “I sometimes wonder if God wants me to quit my job and become a pastor.” Patti starts choking on her ahhh… beverage, looks at me in shock 😯 and blurts out what is meant to be a rhetorical question: “Do I LOOK like a preacher’s wife?!?!?”

  12. HAHAHA~

    I like Patti!!!

    Truth is, neither Brent or me fit the Pastor and Pastor’s wife mold….

    Thankfully 😀

  13. Yeah, I figured that out when I heard about Brent’s methane torture from your daughter on incohoots.

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