Amaranth Coffee House Poetry Open Mic Review

I attended the Poetry Open Mic at the AACC Amaranth Coffee House on Wednesday night. Amaranth is basically a student run venue meant to encourage students, giving them a chance to share their hearts through poetry and prose. The host for the coffee house are the students with two advisors from the English department who teach creative writing and poetry. This open mic usually features a local poet and then runs an open mic until about 10pm. The featured poet canceled due to bad weather conditions so it became simply an open mic. They manage to get many of their students to attend so a crowd of about 25 college students were there. Also in attendance were a couple of “older” folks such as myself who each read. It seemed like a group of regulars, where everyone knows everyone, except… well me. I believe was the lone stranger.

I was surprised to see Tom, a friend from the MACC there. Tom is a student in one of the creative writing classes.

I performed The Rich Young American, which is office-environment based so I’m not sure if the students all tracked with it. At the break I signed up again (in response to Tom’s encouragement) and performed I So Loved the Wolf, and Life was so simple before I died. During the second poem the room became very quiet I had pretty focused attention from everyone.

Afterward one of the students complemented me with, “Wow. I thought Robert Frost was good.” Then he admitted, with a chuckle, to being a pot-head. So yeah, my roller coaster ride continues.


2 Responses

  1. I think Robert Frost was a pothead too…


  2. Oh good. Now it all makes sense. Thanks B, you have a way of connecting the dots.

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