Our Turn

If Jesus had come down as the Chief Head Religious Guy and wore a crown and spoke beautifully in the temples and churches, few would remember him. I certainly would not have gone to the temple or church to see him.

I would seek out sin. I would seek validation of my self through the brokenness of others. No? We pull binoculars to our eyes once there is a crash on the race track. We stand up to see the fight at the hockey game. We rubberneck passing an accident. The most popular shows on TV? Daytime soaps. Pop-psychology talk shows. CSI:SomewhereElse. All owe their success to the audiences’ obsession with peoples’ pain and loss.

So if God wants to get my undivided attention, he would need to appear a loser. The fact that He chooses the cross as the stage, upon which He is glorified, is no accident. He know us all too well. He knows we will flock to that stage. And it is from this stage, in the deepest pit of human depravity that the Son of God is glorified.

And He speaks for all of us
and to each of us
from that stage.
We are drawn to the spectacle,
the irony,
the absurdity of
the cross.
And it is then,
when we are selfishly seeking
that elusive something
that might somehow
sate the insatiable within,
that we find Him finding us.

We could, and often do,
turn away
blindly seeking satisfaction
we could not turn away
and see.

Either way, it is:

our turn
by ric booth

blinded by anger we rile as we churn
jumping impatient we crave for a turn.

fallen in love with our refuse and scum,
dying to laden our hearts up with some

why do we do this and why even care?
filled with deep hunger, we linger and stare.

what is the purpose and why are we here?
worshiping trash and ignoring our fear.

raging, refusing to turn from our sin.
night is our love so of course we hate Him.

lost in the crowd with those glances we steal,
pushing away while all longing to feel.

savor our filth while we run with the mob.
how did this happen, our garbage our god?

knowing we never would turn from our sin,
Love condescends to just smear us on Him.

rolls in our mud, is the harbor of light
dub Him a fool, while enrapt with our blight.

marred on His face is our slime and our waste.
rubberneck sinners, we think we are safe.

striking, confusing, and reeking of sin.
knowing we never would turn to just Him.

evil says, “foul! we must turn from those eyes!”
captive refusal, agape as He cries,

“Father, forgive them.” those brimming with glee
who now so ever not turning will see.

Published at UtmostChristianWriters.com, © 2006 Ric Booth


6 Responses

  1. “He know us all too well. He knows we will flock to that stage. And it is from this stage, in the deepest pit of human depravity that the Son of God is glorified.”

    This broke my heart.

    Really, I just keep re-reading that phrase and dropping my head in shame.

    Ric, this has really gotten to me….

    thanks for linking us

  2. Cool. My relatives would always tell me I’d be a heart breaker… ‘course they were talking about my curls.

  3. “The fact that He chooses the cross as the stage upon which He is glorified is, of course, no accident. He know us all too well. He knows we will flock to that stage. And it is from this stage, in the deepest pit of human depravity that the Son of God is glorified.”

    In my own personal experience, I can’t bear even the depiction of evil and pain. Maybe I’m just strange that way, but I tend to think it’s more my not being ‘desensitized’ by media exposure.

    I think guys tend to have that tendency (enjoying violence) more than women for some reason. My husband knows not to even invite me to watch a war movie with him. I struggled through “Shindler’s List” though and believed that pain worthwhile to increase understanding. Still, some of those images will recur occasionally and give me chills.

    In your context though, I don’t turn away from seeing Christ’s passion on the cross however it might be depicted. The first time through, I couldn’t keep my eyes open through all of “The Passion”(and pretty much cried through the whole movie), but I figured if His mother could bear to be there in person, I should somehow experience that same ‘sword that pierced her heart’ also out of my love for Him.

    Thanks for the reminder, and I wrote a booklet about that called “Mary’s Passover Week Journal”, several years ago that I can email to you if you’d be interested. It’s about that time again, and I never want that whole ‘memory’ to every lose it’s impact!


  4. D,

    Sometimes evil is more innocuous in appearance. Lust, greed, gossip, etc. All of those sins were laid on Him at the cross as well. I probably should have included these in the post but hey, I’m a guy.

    And don’t tell anyone, but I cried during the movie too. But then I cried reading the gospels before that. So like I KNEW what was gonna happen. All this was very stressful for a manly man such as myself. 😀

  5. Wow, really good point. Something I honestly have never been confronted with…

  6. I was thinking along these lines when considering how we “turned to Him” while without the spirit. We can only resist now because of the spirit within but before … how does this thing called salvation happen? So I’ve come to the conclusion we never really turn away from our sin. Instead, he comes here and walks up to the stage draped in our sin (“in the likeness of sinful man”) And then like one of those 3-D posters we stare and stare and suddenly we see.

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