Its Officially Spring

The Cherry Blossoms in Washington, DC
(Protography by Shelane)

The Cherry Blossoms in Washington (Photography by Shelane)

Cherry Blossoms in Washington, DC

The Cherry Blossoms in Washington (Photography by Shelane)

The Cherry Blossoms in Washington, DC
(Protography by Shelane)


12 Responses

  1. Beautiful!! So do you live close to all this?

    I have cherry blossoms outside my window right now too, but not nearly that ‘bountiful’.

    Spring is my favorite time of year – so appropriate for a ‘resurrection’…
    God must have thought so too, and had it planned even before there ever was a ‘Passover’ no doubt =)!


  2. Yes, we live close. Shelane is a good friend who goes to the same church (Mid Atlantic Community Church). She went downtown last weekend and took these pictures. I work downtown at 7th and K St NW DC. If I get a slow, sunny day at work (its forecasting rain all week!!), I’ll travel down to the Tidal Basin where the cherry trees are located.

  3. Breath taking!

  4. Thanks and … ummm…, nice avatar 😉 Breathtaking but in a different way …

  5. Thanks! I needed a new hair style. 😀

  6. Love DC in the spring! won’t get to see it this year..but I have dogwoods in my yard, and I am always excited to see them bloom..y forsithia is blooming this morning, and Krocus’s all diferent colors, and my daffodils are budding…I do love spring! HE makes all things new! Yay for us!! Yay for nature!!

  7. Yes, it is bloom time in the city! Hey that would have been a good title! Oh well, thanks for stoppin’ by Darla.

  8. Those are beautiful pictures. Back in 1964 I was stationed at Ft. Belvoir(?) Virginia and got into DC a lot. Cherry Blossom time is the prettiest time of year.

    The temps here in Connecticut may actually get above 50 today. Spring has sure taken it’s time getting to my part of the country.

  9. Hey Ed, 73° F in downtown DC today. Of course, come July & August it will be 103° in DC and 80-something in CT … so I shouldn’t chuckle to much 😉

  10. From what I remember DC is very humid in summer. I guess that is why they call it the “swamp”.

  11. Who calls it the swamp?? Its a paved swamp!

  12. DC was built on a tidal marshes.

    The Capital is often referred to as “the swamp” in many political articles, probably because of the connection between politicans and hot air. 🙂

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