East Coast Bloggers Convention

Badguy, Christian, & Ric
Badguy (The most excellent way) & Christian (Sharp Iron) met up with Tom Cruise to enjoy a cold one last weekend. We figured no one would believe us, so we had Tom take a picture of us as evidence. In honor of the West Coast Bloggers, we were enjoying Dead Guy Ale, an Oregon Brew.

We were accompanied by (chaperoned by?) our wives but the picture of them did not turn out too well… I will see if I can fix it. Until then just use your imagination. If it helps, they are each beautiful.

We sat around the table eating, drinking, laughing and talking from about 7:30 PM until 12:30 AM, which is pretty much unheard of… well, for me. Bad, C, & I talked about blogging, theology, blogging theology, theological blogging, churches, how we met, and exchanged cell numbers (but only after we were really, really sure!). We each admitted that this does mark our very rendezvous with middle-aged men met online. (Please don’t tell my mom or dad… Well, my dad may read this come to think of it.)

Our wives laughed and talked the whole time too. I was more than just a little curious about their conversation, so one time while Christian was talking I tuned him out and eavesdropped on the ladies. They were talking about life as a Blogging Widow! For Real. Well, at least we were drinking the right brew.


44 Responses

  1. I don’t see Tom Cruise….

  2. umm… he’s the photographer.

  3. Ah! Tom Cruise is a nut! His teeth are way too white and even, that’s not natural. you seem more like Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch type πŸ˜‰

  4. Ooohhh… well ok, if you insist πŸ˜†

    (psst: On an entirely related note, I’ve decided you’re my favorite blogger but don’t tell any of my other favorites) πŸ˜‰

  5. Tuned me out? While I was talking?!

  6. Yeah, I figured I could just read about it on your blog someday… πŸ˜† Well, maybe I’m lying but it sounded funny when I typed it.

  7. […] You can see more of their picturesΒ displayedΒ along side ofΒ Ric Booth’s prize winning article on the first annual East Coast Blogger’s Convention […]

  8. Sorry guys, but I posted the ‘undoctored’ photo on my site. Since Ric is making up stories someone needs to keep things honest.

  9. Rogue Dead Guy Ale! For us? You shouldn’t have. We got home too late from church that night so we couldn’t call “y’all”. Yah, that’s right. While we were at church you were out drinkin!

    You have to pick a place with wi-fi next time so we can ichat!

    Besides, seeing Tom cruise would be fun πŸ˜‰

  10. Christian, I may have Miss Spoke a little but I’m not “making up stories”… Although the sniper fire was annoying.

    Tam, If it helps, we did say grace… blessing the hops and barley an’ all.

  11. Man, I miss being a part of this even more!

    I think I am going to have to go grab a 6 pack of Dead Guy to honor all of you πŸ™‚

  12. Cool, I’ll send you my address so you can ship it out to us. You’re so thoughtful. Missed y’all at the the convention.

    BTW, you’re president and Tam is treasurer.

  13. Hahahahaha!!!!!

    President? does this mean I have to show up to meetings. At least my wife is bringing home the cash πŸ™‚

  14. Yeah, about that… where do we send our beer receipt? Is that petty cash?

  15. So I am assuming there is more receipt than cash…

  16. See? That right there is why YOU are president.

  17. I’ve never been more offended in my life… a bloggers convention and I wasn’t invited?! AND YOU TALKED ABOUT THEOLOGY!? It’s like… it’s like… it’s like being stabbed in the back, or, horribly wronged in some totally different manner, like not being invited to the bloggers convention!

  18. Oh crap. BUSTED! ahh… ahh… well, ya see, it was like last minute. yeah. and my cell phone die. and then there was the snipper fire…

    I feel horrible. Ok, maybe an overstatement.

    Yeah Bill, so you’re the secretary. Congratulations.

  19. “or, horribly wronged in some totally different manner,…”

    HAHAHAHA!! I gotta read more closely. Your writing is so… deep.

    Well, I think I’ve officially gotten you back for your April Fool’s stunt.

  20. Shouldn’t the blog convention have been held online?

  21. Hey Sam! Welcome. Yeah, we were lookin’ for a wireless pub but the priority was (a) pub and then (b) wireless. Maybe now that William’s the secretary he can get us more organized.

  22. That was an April Fool’s joke? I thought Bill had already left for basic training…

  23. haha… well, maybe as the secretary for the east coast bloggers he can get some training.

  24. Can you please send me all the rest of your cash? please don’t tell me you have none left either…I know the President!

  25. …and my cell phone die and then there was the snipper fire…

    ? I warned you to leave that last Dead Guy. But you had to all “Good Samaritan” on us and now look at you.

    So….you[re William. Ah ha. Hmmm.

  26. Tam, The check is in the mail.

    C, “I warned you…” ?? Now who’s makin’ up stories. That Cold Dead Guy was equa-distance between you an’ me. I waited forEVER for you to make your move before he went all warm on us.

    William, Oddly enough, you & your blog came up — we were talking theology, blogging, blogging theology, theological blogging after all. Oh, and beer.

  27. Hanging out with Publicans, and Tom Cruise! – you guys must be saints!

    I see from the photographic evidence above that my comment over on Christian’s blog about calling me psychic now has even more validity? πŸ˜‰

    Chris! – i knoooowwww! – tuning out when you were talking??? what’s with that???


    Do i get a honourary title too? or an invite to e-conference the next EC BB convention?

    love <B

  28. Hey Love, How does Vice President of Southern Blogosphere Operations (VP-SBO) sound? We don’t have one of those yet… you can be the first. Maybe I should work the word psychic into your title. hmmm.

    Next EBC (I’m thinkin’ of renaming it Eastern BC… EBC rolls of the tongue much better… I guess I should check with the president first but oh well), we’ll shoot for a e-hookup and let everyone know the time and i-location. It will necessarily be a BYO EBC event.

  29. Inaugural VP of SBO it is – but why did you ‘drop’ the B(eer) from EBBC?? πŸ˜‰

    love <B

  30. Ahhh…. Your extra B has a purpose, eh? But EBBC just sounds too British! And, of course, nobody wants that.

  31. Don’t blame me for the extra B – it was Chris’s idea first!!!

    and while we’re on the subject – exactly when did you drop the Mid-Atlantic and incorporate the whole East Coast dealy??

    and can i be VP of SBP and Not SBO please? ( Psy-ops! πŸ˜‰ ) Sounds much more NSA! πŸ™‚

    love <B

  32. “Don’t blame me for the extra B – it was Chris’s idea first!!!”

    I should have known.

    “exactly when did you drop the Mid-Atlantic and incorporate the whole East Coast dealy??”

    About half way thru Rogue Dead Guy 2.

    “can i be VP of SBP?”

    umm… Sure. Of course when someone says “Psy-Ops” I will be thinking “sigh… ops”

  33. Now i think of it Psy Ops seemed funnier after the third glass! πŸ˜‰

    There’s probably a lesson there somewhere?


  34. hmmm…. i come back just to look at this pic every now and then. no. i’m not a stalker. Bad, I imagined you’d look like that. Ric, that is SO you! But Christian, hmmm…not what I expected… that’s not bad either! πŸ˜‰

    You ALL are adorable!

  35. Haha Tam. I should have titled this post something like Adorable Babes of Maryland πŸ˜€ Then we’d have some stalkers.

    “Ric, that is SO you!”

    Yeah, I should have worn shades and a Harley bandanna.

  36. I am just getting to this post….. and I am cracking up over the comments!
    Also, I was VERY excited to see that some of you met up!! That is so exciting!!

    I know I was VERY excited when I ran into Cheryl at church and when I met Deb (Gods Gal) it was so cool! I loved it! Oh! And Indian Lake Papa…..well we kind of met online at Tam’s….she provided the video chat. πŸ˜‰

    Love the picture! I love putting faces with the names on everyones blogs. πŸ˜‰ Current faces that is. πŸ˜‰ Off to read some more….. I’m so behind! Dang move!!! πŸ˜‰

  37. Brandy, Its great to have you back online! This must mean you have enough unpacked to sleep, clean-up, and eat… well, pizza and Chinese take-out at least!

  38. ahhh Ric, if only we had stuff to unpack!! 😯

    Our stuff doesn’t get here until Monday. 😦 A week in an empty house. We have the essentials though….. camping chairs, camping trailer mattresses, some food, my laptop, Jake’s LCD tv, cable and internet connections! haha! Oh, and clothes. 😯 Oh! and toys for the boys! haha!! It’s been interesting this week, that’s for sure!!

    And Pizza….I never thought I’d say it, but I’m bored with pizza. Not so bored that I won’t eat it of course πŸ˜† but I could go for something different. And around here I’ve only seen Chinese buffet…and I hate chinese buffet. I did find a Mexican restaurant tonight though which I will be going to SOON! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†

  39. You can’t beat a great muffin! πŸ˜€

    Blueberry or chocolate would be my pick.

    Now might be a good time to revisit your stance on Sushi, Bran? πŸ˜‰


  40. Brandy: Being lactose intolerant, pizza does not excite me. Or maybe that should be, pizza excites me too much– a level of excitement I can live without. Well at least you each have your toys with you.

    love: Raw fish that makes it all the way to the Dakotas is referred to as “rotten,” “eeewwwww,” and “bait” but never “sushi”

  41. I can see your point Ric – but if you still believe that ‘fresh’ can be applied to fish or any other produce you buy in supermarkets (or restaurants) you probably still believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

    I am starting to suspect even the fish you catch yourself has been preserved, frozen and re-thawed ‘for your convenience’ 😦


  42. love: “fresh” is such a stale word anymore. sniff.

  43. Without a word of a lie we have an advert over (under??) here that proudly proclaims:

    Fish so fresh that you are the first one to unfreeze it!

    Once i would have said of that – “Only In America”

    It makes me sad that my country is truly losing the plot! – sniff.


  44. Love is right. Unless you have caught the fish yourself or purchased it right on the pier (and even that is suspect) you should never freeze fish. Because it has almost always already been frozen once and then thawed either at the grocer’s or even at the distributor’s. Animal and vegetable flesh should never be refrozen – crystals form in the cell membranes causing them to rupture, resulting in mealy or spongy texture.

    But….frozen fish (unless self caught again) is almost always ‘fresher’ than frozen. Argentinian salmon is caught, killed, cleaned, cut and frozen within a one hour period. Fresh fish may have sat on ice in the hold of a trawler for weeks, then on the Boston dock for a couple more days, then shipped to a distributor where it sits for a couple more days (or even up to a week!) and then sent to the restaurant or fish house. But most markets are wise and only buy frozen. Most chef’s haven’t caught on yet.

    Remember when we were kids and how the ocean’s were going to feed the world, cheaply? Right!

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