Happy Tax Day Everyone!

Yes, I only now just realized today is APRIL 15TH!!! Woohoo. This day will forever take me back to those 3 years I actually worked for the IRS. 😯 Yes, I was a tax-collector. Of sorts. (You may want to take this opportunity to rethink how you really feel about me 😉 )

When I think back to those days I remember well this one slide in one IRS presentation. Of course, everybody knows the IRS is ALL ABOUT collecting money. However, the IRS is ALSO all about collecting data that impacts the collection of money. The IRS is also all about collecting data that impacts the collection of data that impacts the collection of money… So basically, if it can be counted, rest assured the IRS is in fact counting it.

So back to memory lane. This one slide / chart projected onto a 50 foot diagonal screen with high-resolution, contained a multicolored bar chart. Along the bottom were years 1960 – 2003. Each bar represented the total number of dependents in the USA as reported on tax returns filed with the IRS.

I remember thinking these chairs are no way comfortable enough to sleep in… because, well that’s exactly what I wanted to do. If you’ve suffered a bar-chart presentation, you know what I mean.

Well, somewhere in the early to mid-80’s there is the cliff. A sharp drop off. “The Cliff” represented a drop of 7 Million dependents nationwide from one year to the next. 7 MILLION!!! That means 7 million US Children DISAPPEARED! VANISHED!

AND LIKE NO ONE IS EVEN CONCERNED. In fact, everyone in the audiborium chuckled. Audibly! 😯

Coincidentally, that was also the first year the IRS began required Social Security Numbers (SSNs) for all dependent children named on the tax returns.

So the bad news gets even worse; we don’t even have the SSNs for all these lost children!


5 Responses

  1. This is a case where fact is funnier than fiction or comedy!!!!

    Thanks for making me smile on tax day … glad you left the IRS … gave me a few years to enjoy your wry sense of humor…


  2. haha. My sister’s a tax collector now too.

  3. Hey T, Happy to oblige! I am glad to no longer be working for the IRS too 😉

    Glad you got a chuckle William.

  4. That was a pretty funny fun fact. Seven millions kids vanish! An X-Files case for sure. I think it was alien abductions. 🙂

    I was a bank auditor for thrity years. The standard joke is we are the guys who go on to the battlefield after the fight is over and spear the wounded. 🙂

  5. Ed, HAHA! I remember that battlefield “clean-up” scene from “300” 😆 Man you had the JOB!!

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