Love’s Rain

Grandma Mary KatherineI retain some short vivid memories of my childhood. I also retain a lot of general memories but this one is what I would call vivid. The few seconds of this event took place shortly after my grandfather died while sitting next to Grandma in church one Sunday morning.

Grandma was crying but her voice and her face defied her tears. When I asked what was wrong and she said, while smiling(?!), “I’m alright.” And here’s the thing, she actually sounded and looked happy. Three decades later I realized I was unwittingly looking at the grace of God within her. She had a quiet assurance that she would see Clifford again; an assurance that even she herself is redeemed through Christ; an assurance that came from walking with Jesus.

I left the church after the sixth grade. I returned 24 years later and was found two years later. I sent Grandma a letter and then went to visit her to tell her the good news! However, Grandma did not remember our short conversation. In fact she did not remember me. For 6 years of visits to the nursing home Grandma remained pleasant and loving and completely oblivious of our relationship.

After losing her husband, Grandma cried many tears and told many people “I’m alright” but in one little boy, she planted a seed. I wrote a short poem for Grandma. It is my very first Christian poem. I wanted to thank Grandma for shining Jesus, for making me feel special, and for loving me unconditionally.

Love’s Rain
(for Grandma)
December 29, 1998

Sitting next to you in our church that day,
I never heard a word Pastor Gene had to say

I wasn’t even ten but I could hear you cry
Looking in your face, I saw a tear in your eye

“What’s wrong?” I asked, were you in pain?
“I’m alright” you smiled but your tears fell like rain

I wasn’t even ten and though I knew the story
of how He came and died, I never felt His glory

Many years I lived ignoring pain and loss
before I understood and placed it at the cross

After all this time of storing up my pain,
I felt Jesus’ Love, and my tears fall like rain

Grandma will always be my favorite bible.


11 Responses

  1. That was a beautiful poem Ric.

    “Grandma will always be my favorite bible.” What a great way to remember you grandmother.

    She reminds me of my grandmother. The person I was closest to as a child.

  2. Thank you Ed. I think Grandmothers may be the most powerful force for good in this world. They have to be at least in the top 5!

  3. Loved it too, Ric, and agree about grandmothers.
    Mine prayed for all her children and grandchildren consistently and generations have been blessed by her and her prayers.
    As she lay in the hospital dying, she had me bring my son in to see her and prayed for him.
    I’m sure both our grandmothers are waiting to greet us – watching, like those crowds mentioned in Hebrews, and cheering us on our race toward God’s glory and God’s “kingdom that can not be shaken.”

  4. Sam, that is SO cool about your grandmother praying for your son as one of her last acts in this world! Wow!

  5. Ric, once again, I’m speechless. I don’t know why you feel any hesitancy in getting these out there. God has such a plan and purpose for you and your life. You’ve inspired me. I wrote our one of my songs today on my blog about when our son almost died. I’m almost embarassed to ask you to read it. I’m humbled by you and your testimony and hope you continue to write and let us share in your gift. I’ll bet Grandma is smiling on you holding Jesus hand.

  6. Thank you for your poem. It’s powerful, simple, and in harmony with the real Jesus.

  7. I knew it! Underneath that tough, hard-baked, crumbling exterior…

    you’re just a sweet, mushy apple pie filling inside!

    with a side of Whipped Cream!


  8. Deb, Thanks. I will read your song sometime today. I love reading poems and songs born of such powerful experiences.

    Jim, Thank you and welcome!

    love, I have a “tough, hard-baked, cumbling(?) exterior”?? I don’t think I’ve ever been called tough before. Thanks! Oh, and no Whipped Cream please. I’m lactose intolerant.

  9. WE should all learn how to be more tolerant! 🙂

    You can leave the cream – but you are missing out 😉


  10. “Grandma will always be my favorite Bible.”

    that sums up my Gram as well. thank you for sharing this!

  11. You are welcome. And covered with prayer.

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