Only the Fearless do Windows

Window Washers Cleaning our Office Building in Downtown DC

Doing Windows is Dangerous Work!

So what does the help wanted ad look like??

Window Rappellers Needed: Tired of elevator music? Do you love to hang out all day? Want a job where the boss CAN’T look over your shoulder? Remember how you enjoyed the tire-swing as a youth? Do you genuinely enjoy scaring the crap out of unsuspecting office workers? Well, we need someone who is light on their feet; Possesses a Boy Scout knot-tying Merit Badge (please bring your handbook); Is completely oblivious to waving office personnel snapping pictures with their cell phones all day long. Prior Bungie-Jumping and/or Navy Seal experience a plus.


12 Responses

  1. haha, prior navy seal experience a plus. ha

  2. I think I’d apply at this point!

  3. William, Yeah, I see a LOT of parallels in the 2 jobs. Repelling, scum removal, and water.

    Nate, Hey, I’d hire you but fortunately I am not the hiring manager.

  4. Ric,
    It’s spelled Rapelling. And doggone it that you’re not a hiring manager because I desperately need out of my current position and into a writing one. I do have technical writing on my resume but it’s been 11 years since my last gig.

  5. Dang, I’m on a roll today. Sorry – it’s actually spelled “Rappelling.” I had to correct myself on an editor’s website today for writing a sentence with a subject-verb disagreement.
    And I had a “C” (3) on my latest performance appraisal Rick. Help me.

  6. “subject-verb disagreement.”


    OK Ric – this was hilarious! Did you know Brent is ascared of heights? It’s actually pretty funny! He’d rather poke his eyes out with a plastic fork than hang outside 20 story buildings from a string!

  7. Ok, after one look at that pic…I am in a corner sucking my thumb and crying for the world to stop!

  8. Hey Sam, Obviously speelling is not a job rhekwiremint but thanks I’m gonna edit it. We do have a documentation group in our shop & I do know the manager (he’s sits in the cell next to me).

    Oh yeah, I am 😯 -ed that your subjects and verbs aren’t getting along. Whenever my subjects start in I subject them to a good verbing.

    Tam & Brent, Well this is ONLY 12 stories (muhahaha) and our office is on the eleventh floor. So B I’m guessing you’re not a retired Seal, huh?

  9. This looks like a hoot!! I’d do it…for a day…”He sits in the cell next to me” Uh, Ric, is there something you’re not sharing here? 😉

  10. Deb, Glad you liked it. If I hear that they’re hiring I will let you know!

    I wrote about my cell a while back: the rich young american

  11. Ric, I was just in D.C. last week! I’m sure I must have passed this building at least once when I was lost (at least three times).

    Love the want-ad. : )

  12. L.L., Welcome. Lost in DC, eh? I hope you were NOT driving! Driving in DC is a job best left to the ahh… professionals?

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