once upon a time

Life is a fairytale!
Perspective a little off?
Imagine the beautiful princess
or the knight in shining armor.
I am the beast. Not the beauty.
Not the knight. Just the beast
who needs rescue.

once upon a time
the story would rhyme

creation would sing
all praising some king

the sun will so shine
a love for our kind

as waves gently kiss
the shores of our lips

the eagle’s will soar –
no walls so no doors

no blindness to see;
unbroken, un-me

once upon a time
the story will rhyme


But what of
Such an impatient bride
still in need of rescue?
The happily-ever-after
chapter…I suppose
I might call it Eden.
Or Heaven.
Or perhaps,
my friend,
The Beginning
The End


23 Responses

  1. Is this new? the rhythm is awesome.

  2. William, yes this is new. Not to me … I’ve been kicking these words around for a while now. Thanks.

  3. So, when is the book coming out??? 🙂 I pray the Lord would just continue to fill your mind to overflowing with Him. Blessings to ya! 🙂

  4. Thank you Deb. ahhh… the book, hmmm. Would a CD do?

  5. I always dreamed of being the princess…really…Cinderella was my favorite. It’s earth/flesh/life shattering to come to the realization that you are the beast.

    But only then does the story begin to change…I am still waiting for the “happily ever after” ending. I put my trust in Him.

  6. Hey Michelle, I always dream of being the knight in shining armor. Sometimes I dream such dreams while driving and Patti has to yell at me to slow down!

  7. You’re so fun! 😆

  8. You’re so creative with words! Rock on, poet man!!

  9. Ric,
    Glad to see everyone hasn’t given up on meter or happily-ever-after.
    My opinion is “happily-ever-after” is a blissful state of being at the end of time.
    Currently, I strive for “happily-ever-now.”

  10. Selena, Thank you.

    Sam, I love the cadence of metered rhyme. Maybe its the sound of the knight’s white horse … hmmm. Thanks for the thoughts.

  11. Michelle, you are a Princess! We are His Princess’s!

    “no blindness to see;
    unbroken, un-me”

    i don’t know what it is about that line – but it got me!

    Ric – CD??? Now THAT would be very cool! And much loved!

  12. Did you notice the ‘shape’ of the Poem?

    It looks like a Nail to me! 🙂

    It’s all in the perspective. (what we choose to see that is)


  13. Tam, I’ll keep you posted.

    love, hmmm… “what we choose to see” thanks for reading.

  14. ooooh I like it! 😀 A lot!

    Also, that little diddy you left me on my “about” page I think I will repost it on the blog for everyone to read b/c it was cute. 😀

  15. Thanks Bandy, I’m glad you like it.

  16. I love happily-ever-after tales. Just wish they’d reflect reality more.

  17. Hey Anthony, a.k.a. northpoet. In this tale the happily-ever-after is in the here-after… until then we’re working through our rescue scene called life. You’ve heard life is an adventure? Anyways that’s is my view of the world.

  18. RIC!!! Did you see the date on this???? Do you know what today is????? Where are you????

    Hope you had an awesome weekend!! LOL 😉

  19. Haha… please stand by. I move slower than the rest of the planet.

  20. Last week I began a series of posts on how much life resembles a fairy tale. Those posts being: 1) once upon a time, 2) Knight of My Rescue, and 3) The Fairy Tale Prison. Realizing I may be stretching the imagination limits of some of my readers, this post takes a step back […]

  21. Love it

  22. Hey Vince, Welcome! And Thank you!

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