Break Time

This is what I look like when I drywallMy daughter and son-in-law just bought a townhouse in a foreclosure deal. So it is a mess. We tore out all the wall-to-wall carpet and we’re primer-painting everything. The upstairs bathroom did not meet even gas-station standards for quality and cleanliness so my son-in-law and I gutted it to the subfloor and studs. We are sweating and wondering when we will turn the corner but I do love hands-on work… It just feels more like work than sitting in an office all day.

So I thought I would have the next fairy tale reality post together and up by now but being a carpenter/painter/plumber kind of guy my post is delayed. In fact, I went into work today to rest. If you are my boss, take it easy, I am only kidding. If you are not my boss well then: hehewinkwink.

Yesterday’s search terms included “superman speaker.” Makes perfect sense to me. However, I have yet to receive an email or phone call. I’m not sure what is keeping them. I should hope they are all right.

fist pumpin, shades, and dino jammiesMy 20-month old grandson, Jacob, is starting to talk and says NO and MOMMY very well. He has not yet said Granddad but his attempt is, I think, very perceptive: Rad-dad.

Yes, I know, he is so intelligent. Rather than correcting him I pretty much knock over chairs and people to get to him every time I hear him say it. His daddy has purchased blue-blazing wrap-around shades and taught him to greet people with an affectionate fist-pump. Mommy is responsible for the stegosaurus.

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17 Responses

  1. YOU my dear, are a GREAT Dad and Grandpa!!!


    i think i heart you 😉

  2. That’s weird, who says their “20 month old grandson”? How about one and a half, or almost two year old. 20 month? That’s weird. It’s like still celebrating the month by month anniversaries after having been dating for a year and a half.

    Nevertheless, what’s wrong with gas station standards?

  3. This is priceless….what we live for! What a great dad and and RAD-dad. hey, I think he might be trying to tell you something there, Ric!

  4. That is one cool looking “dude”, I mean grandchild. I can picture him fronting his own rock band.

    I agree, Rad-dad is sooo much cooler than “Grand Pa”.

    My friends call me when they want something torn down. Not so much when they want to build or repair something. They have learned get as far away from me as they can when I handle a sharp object. They got a law passed in Connecticut against me using a hammer.

  5. Tam, Thank you. I think I want to adopt you.


    1. Who says..> Weird engineers, redundant, yes… but I am trying to be crystal clear.

    2. How about one and one half..> Imprecise. In fact, I was obsessing over this last night before publishing. He is actually 20⅓ months old. I feel better now.

    3. What’s wrong with gas station standards..> hmmm, have you ever considered bathing in a gas station rest room?

    trs, Priceless indeed. I think he may be a prophet.

    Ed, “a law passed in CT against me using hammer.” hahaha

  6. daddy???

  7. No, you cannot have anymore money.

  8. I love RAD-DAD…you know I saw your avitar on another blog today and thought,I need to go visit his blog. And then right afterwards I saw your comment on my blog. Great minds think alike I guess! I’ve not been very good to read my favorite bloggers lately as my son’s been out of school and kept me busier than normal.
    Congrats on your wonderful family! You’re a great dad and rad-dad! What a proud papa you must be!

  9. Thank you! Yes, I am a beaming dad when it comes to my children and grandchildren.

  10. Awww Brotha Ric he is too precious. I can totally see why you adore him so much. Praise God!

  11. but daaaaaaaad!!!!!

  12. He IS adorable, isn’t he? Its genetic.

  13. lol very genetic 😉 He gets it from, oh, well, errrr, let’s see, ummmmm….okay okay, GRANDAD RIC!

  14. You are so teachable!

  15. I would not encourage another pronounciation of Grand pa “rad dad” is way too cool, and once Hubs see this…it will be what he will try to teach his grandchildren when they get here! LOVE LOVE LOVE the sunglasses!

  16. Haha! I’m sure he will figure out the G sound soon but until then I have to suffer with RAD.

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