Broken Vessels

Deb, Lazrus2, and Christian each have prodded me to continue with something poetic or creative. I am in a bit of a funk poetically and creatively of late. I think working too much is part of the cause. I have reworked an older poem originally titled This Shattered Jar. I think Broken Vessels is a better fit. I am still not satisfied with it but maybe you can help with comments on where this takes you.

Also, I modified the meter so you can read/sing this poem to the tune of Amazing Grace. Or not.

Broken Vessels
by ric booth

Who knows the person I could be
with all these lumps and scars
and more, much more than clay to see.
at work inside this jar.

I vainly patch and cover up
as all my pieces fall
So tenderly you break this cup
while others watch in awe!

Reflecting eyes I see they see,
despite my shattered shame
a glimpse of you inside of me
no heart is left the same


26 Responses

  1. And when the glimpse grows strong and clear,
    and builds eternal flame,
    the days gone by, will shine redeemed
    and victory I’ll claim.

    ( My two cents ) 😆

    Beautiful Ric…I knew you could do it!!! 🙂

  2. Thanks Deb for the ideas and the compliment. I will probably be hammering away on this one for a while.

  3. I am not very poetic – but i do sense the spiritual challenge.

  4. I think the fact that you are sensing a spiritual challenge tells me I am getting close. Thanks for that Papa.

  5. This didn’t show up on my subscription…weird!

    I vainly patch and cover up
    as all my pieces fall
    So tenderly you break this cup
    while others watch in awe!


  6. Yes, weird. I get that a lot. 🙂

    I am slow on the HELLO. Is it weird that I don’t get what you are trying to say?

  7. HELLO! = AMEN! = I needed to hear that 😉

  8. Thanks Selena. I needed to hear that. 😉

  9. debbers? im thinking you and i should record this, to the tune of amazing grace, and send it to ric. yes? no?

    BEAUTIFUL Ric!!!

  10. Yes Tam and Deb that is part of the deal, now that you mention it. Take your time. Next week is fine. 😆 Thanks!

  11. I bet Tam sure sings purtty. 🙂

  12. Wow!!! This is great!! I’d like to responded to this by section. the first…. How wonderfully put into words that speak to me about how it is that we walk around in this world with blinders on are just blind to what it is God is really trying to tell/show us. We continue to get up after being dragged, kicked and beaten, because we are all about ourselves. I’ll succeed next time you just watch….I’ll never let anyone ever get close enough to tear me down like that again…..I’ll never let anyone or anything ever close to me again that will wound me like that….. And every time we get up out of the dust that we have fallen into, shake off and full of more drive and determination then what we had in the first place and take right off going down that same path. Only to end up again getting up after finding ourselves in that same pile of dust. Self Filling ourselves with all of what this world has for us. Who knows us??? As Selena says….Hello!
    The second speaks directly to why we ride horses not zebras. We have missed the boat on addressing the anger issues with adult zebras. You see when a horse wants to be mean and angry and bites you it’s nips are short lived. But, when and adult zebra bites your elbow it knows nothing but to be mean and angry and hangs on. If I have a zebra bitting my elbow, I am going to do everything I can to get that zebra off of me…kick, hit, scream,and even cry! It is with this kind of talk that we find Paul using, when he says: “throw off your old sinful self” don’t slide in and out of… but….THROW OFF!! what we want to do is pretend that all of what we have been up to is okay….I can ask for forgiveness and I’ll be okay and I can live with myself. We want to look at all of that in which we have been up to is like horses….we can dabble in this and that and continue to live with ourselves. When in looking at all of this through God blessed eyes it looks like we have a whole lot of stripes running across our backs. Standing up in our own God created identity is a huge step in the right direction.
    And the third and the biggest one of all! When we empty ourselves of all of that in which has kept us of seeing to true vision, the true healing that is right there for all of us. FREE!! all we have to do is trow off all that stuff we have been up to and lay it all down at the foot of that cross. And say “I want a more and better life than this, will you help me, Jesus? You are in for one awesome ride, Hang on!!!! Amen

  13. Ric,
    Thanks for taking the ‘hint’ finally =}! It was well worth the wait!
    I read a piece with a similar thought (and definite personal life application) a while back on a blog Brandy recommended. All of the entries are life impacting, but one written 5/23/08 was ‘made to order’ for your poem here (there’s even a photo to go with it).

    You don’t necessarily have to know the ‘whole story’ behind the writings (though I’d definitely recommend them all), but it’s a perfect example of
    ‘glimpses’ of Jesus through the ‘gaps’. Angie’s life has touched thousands now because of the ‘brokenness’, and it does seem (in my life at least I’ve found it true) that ‘God can’t use anyone greatly until He has hurt them deeply’. So, maybe we need to be seeking that (as she describes below) ?

    Here’s the blog address (then go to 5/23) and an excerpt for any who don’t want to read the whole post:

    Find a piece of pottery, and let it shatter at your feet.
    1. Take the time to be with the Lord as you piece it together again (but beware the wrath of the glue gun…). Let Him tell you who you are, and let yourself be reminded of the grace that seals us all. You may not know Him at all, or you may be a “flannel-board Jesus” kid. It makes no difference. I am praying as I type these words that He will come to you and remind you that He loves the gaps because there is the potential for more of Himself revealed in you. Let Him help you smash and rebuild His most coveted posession…you.

    Ric, Thanks for your insights and sensitivity to share your ‘broken’ (and rebuilt =) places with us as well.

  14. Ric, I like the poem, especially the 2nd verse:

    “I vainly patch and cover up
    as all my pieces fall
    So tenderly you break this cup
    while others watch in awe!”

    The only place I get stuck is with the word “lumps” in:

    “Who knows the person I could be
    with all these lumps and scars”

    I wish I could explain why the word “lumps” just doesn’t excite me here. I like the rest of the line, maybe I am just hung up on the word “lumps”. 🙂

    and the line:

    Reflecting eyes “I see they see”

    It is probably just a difference in writing style but I don’t like to use the same word twice in so short a space if I can avoid it.

    You do have a gift for words and I look forward more of your poetry posts.

  15. Hi Dave! Thanks for that description of where this poem sent you. I like this: “When in looking at all of this through God blessed eyes it looks like we have a whole lot of stripes running across our backs.” By this you mean we are convicted by the Spirit… pretty cool. And I also like where wrote: “Wow!! This is great!!” Yeah, that part made me smile.

    Hi D! Actually, I have been reading Angie’s blog of late based on a recommendation from Brandy. Here story no doubt fed into my choice of words and images. I check the post you mention and I have not read it yet but I will. Thanks.

    Hi Ed! Yeah, lumps is not necessarily powerful. But I didn’t like many of the the alternatives. I like to keep it simple. The “I see they see” is the author seeing that those looking at him/her sees something greater than the ‘lumps and scars.’ Thanks for your comments and thoughts here. You challenge me to hone my craft.

  16. Tammers, I’m thinking that sounds great!!! Know anyone who could help us with that? 😉

  17. Heyyy brother from another mother 🙂

    Good stuff in there as D pointed out. Sorry to hear work is stifling the muses a little for ya 😦

    discrepancy between verse one and two – one you’re a jar – two your a cup?

    Verse 1: ‘bumps’ for lumps? implies you’ve taken a few knocks from life ‘before’? and how about ‘more than clay in me’ than ‘clay i see’? Ed and i think alike on a few things and there maybe a little too many ‘see’s for a twelve liner? 😉

    Verse 2: cute match of Fall and awe Y’aww 🙂

    Verse 3: feels confusing to me. took me a long time to work out what the first line was getting at – ok maybe i’m just dumb? 😉
    Last line??? ‘no heart’? breaking form the set-up created all through of it being YOU being worked on to a ‘generalisation’? could you make it personal but still ‘accessable’ to all who read it?? So the listener/reader identifies with your ‘revelation’ personally??

    And i DO LIKE Tam and Deb’s idea ( Hint for a ‘copy’, Girls!!! ) 🙂

    i might’ve ‘done more’ but am kinda rushed myself lately – sorry for not dropping by as much.

    love ya


  18. Hey love, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment on so many elements. I like lumps. As in I’ve taken/weathered many lumps. Also, a lump is often associated with a cancer, which is a fitting metaphor.

    Verse three (and the ending of verse 2) are indeed turning the attention outward. I am strongest when I am weakest kind of thing… It is still a bit clumsy but that’s where my thoughts are on this one.

    Oh, and on this blog we spell ‘generalization’ with a z.
    I love Auzzies.

  19. i guess you Americans are wizer than we Aussies then??


    P.S. The Pope’s ‘in Town’! – if he drops by i’ll remember you to him 🙂


  20. I really like this poem…. glad I came to check your blog out again…

  21. Hi Anna, Thank you and I am glad you came by too!

  22. I have been here a few times. Kelly, who hasn’t posted much in a long time, is my in real life friend and she pointed me in the direction of your poems. And yesterday, I spent all day looking at everyone’s blogs it seems… 🙂 I really liked this one a lot… 🙂

  23. Ahh, Kelly is the link eh? It is so good to have real life friends. Say Hi to Kelly for me.

  24. as tenderly though painfully
    you mold and make me new
    each turn upon your wheel of grace
    reveals such love and truth

    at times the process seems so slow
    I wonder why the wait
    the fire so hot, intense and brilliant
    creating strength that will not break

    but then I see the look of pleasure
    your gaze that never turns
    I see the love inside your eyes
    like blazing fire that burns

    consume me wholly! my soul cries out
    for this is why I breath
    make me pure and clear as glass
    so that You are all they see!

    *sigh* 🙂 Ric, thank you for the opportunity to thunder passion for the One who love us so much….along with the rain of your poetry:)

    this was so satisfying! I will be back more often:) I’ve been off line for a bit…writing books! But poetry….oh, it’s like the first song of the morning birds:)

    Hope you enjoyed my addition:)

    oh, and what do you think of this…

    who knows the person I could be
    with all these wretched scars
    and more, much more than clay to see
    at work inside this jar

  25. and I do like “shattered jar” better than broken vessel. Just fits it more into our time and culture.

  26. Hi Kelly! Yes, long time no type. It is great to see you back online. I love this addition! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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