Our Summer Vacation

Wilderness Outpost

Our Wilderness Outpost

Our View

Our View

Our Breakfast

Our Breakfast

Our Toaster

Our Toaster


16 Responses

  1. Are toast and breakfast separate meals?

  2. Did you see any racoons drinking beer?

  3. and WHY am i not there????

  4. William, ok busted. Patti was in charge of the coffee, bacon, and eggs. I was in charge of the toast because the toaster is a complex instrument… that allows me to play with fire. I am also the historian.

    Selena, No raccoons. We did have a run in with a band of squirrels. We left a small jar of peanut butter on the picnic table and when we returned, we had a gang (yes I believe they had tats) of squirrels. They had somehow removed the lid and they were scooping out the goods with their bare paws/claws.

    Tam, that would have been cool… maybe next time you vacation in the mountains of western Maryland.

  5. And I thought I had a grand time dressing up as an angel bear and entertaining the neighborhood at the annual church festival. You got my imagination going about what it would be like to wake up in that tent and look out on that lake. Beautiful photographs!

  6. And now, coincidentally, I am left wondering what it would be like to wake up dressed as an angel bear. Thanks for the Beautiful!

  7. looks awesome! I would have cooked everything in/on the “toaster.”

  8. We did cook a great deal of food (great deal) in the “toaster.” (I see toaster in quotes and think of “laser” … haha). But by dividing up the cooking (evenly of course) we arrived at breakfast much sooner.

  9. That looks like a great camp site. The tent looks very comfy. I think eating outdoors makes food taste better, as long as someone else does the hunting, fishing, cleaning and cooking. The eating part I can handle.

  10. Thanks Ed. It was a great camp site. Patti and I decided it was the best site in the campground. Oh and I do all my hunting and fishing at the grocery store.

  11. i’m not much of a camper, but it does look gorgeous there.

  12. Yeah, you’d wanna take plenty of your liquid soap with you. Gorgeous grows in dirt. Oh, and no Starbucks anywhere.

  13. Love it! looks like a really good time…And Selena! LOL now I am wondering if you saw any racoons drinking beer too? 😯

  14. Hey Darla, It was an AWESOME time. And fortunately, no raccoons figured out how to open and drink our beer. Just the peanut-butter incident.

  15. that looks like my kind of breakfast. Not my kind of camping though…. it’s missing a trailer. 😆 heehee

  16. We loved loved this camp. And the weather was amazing! We so did not want to come home.

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