Correctization: the process of editing me

Recently, I was called out on on a questionable writing construct. Editors have told me, from very young age, that: “blahblahblah is not a word.” or “blahblahblah is not a verb.” However in their very edits they rewrite my words such that it says precisely what I aim to communicate.

So I counter with, “Yet you understood precisely that which I wrote.”

Patiently the editor informs me, “That’s not the point. Blahblahblah is incorrect.”

So I smile, tip my head to the side and say with my best student-who’s-just-learned-something-new-tone, “Oh, so the point of writing is to construct proper sentences!

Okay, I may not have actually said that.
Out loud.
Because, you see, I actually understood what she meant.
So I chalk up this mental victory, as does the editor, and we move along to my next ill formed word verbization.

Alas, such is life at the edge of the word envelope.
Submission really is the only way.


From whence I learned that meter matters,
I tossed those ugly chains of grammar.
You cry out, what nerve! what gall!
Course now I’m chained to rise and fall
Relentless current low then high
It makes you wonder why I try
I’m free from all that constipation
that comes with prose correctization.


7 Responses

  1. i know exactly what you mean….i had a problem when i tried editing my first book too…goodluck..not that youd need it

  2. Hey Candy, welcome! So you’ve felt the sting of correctization too, eh? Thanks for the goodluck wish… I think I am still in need of much. Congrats on your first book!

  3. this is the part of the whole process that scares me the most. one of the things i find frustrating about it is…like you said, they said the same thing you had already said in words…so why change it. to me, that changes…you. thats not how you write, how you would speak. am i taking crazy pills? dont answer that!

  4. It seems your poetry has finally joined the ranks of such great men as Snoop Dogg and 50. Congratulations! 🙂

  5. I have an English professor as a sister, I got over the editing fear in high school. She used to rip my paper apart. Always told me my thoughts and structure was good. Grammar and Spelling well? My weakness….

    God has given me a unique style of writing, so who am I not to use it.

    This is why Brian and I are going to self publish our book. We will edit for spelling and basic grammar. However, we feel God is placing the words on our heart to say, and we do not want OVER editing to take away from what we are writing. There is some unique ways we use phraseology to logically make a point that may not be 100% grammatically correct. In all the people we have had read our first chapter they never say they do not understand.

    Of course we are also not going to charge for our book, it will be available for free. We are going to let God use it for His purpose.

    We will only ask for a donation to support the Web site we are going to build to go with it. Even if you don’t donate you will still get the book free.

  6. Tam you don’t need crazy pills. Trust me. 😉 And its not scary really… its kinda fun-ny.

    Bill now you’ve gone and made me cry. Thanks. Btw, I can’t find either of these poets at

  7. Carl, my speeling is ofton lacking as well. Grammar is a bit trickier for me. I actually ENJOYED diagramming sentences back in school. That was the one element of English that seemed logical. Unfortunately, the sentences we encounter in Real Life lack that precisely constructed logic and, as such, throw me off every time.

    Kudos for going after your own book. Have you decided on a self-publishing company? I may still go that route myself. Oh, and regarding not charging for you book: that’s pretty cool.

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