Our Love, by Hal Booth, 1933

Hal Booth, 1917Hal (Harold Swain) Booth wrote many love poems to his wife Hylda. This poem he wrote in 1933 for their 11th wedding anniversary. Hal and Hylda fell in love as teenagers in the teens of the past century 1914 – 1917.

Then in 1917 Hal joined the army by lying about his age and served in WWI in Army Engineers Company B, 102nd Engineers Division. He returned and married his hometown sweetheart Hylda Squires on October 25, 1922. They had two children, Jane and Alan.

Alan, my dad, shared Grandpa’s poems with me after I wrote I was Lookin’ for My Father for him on Father’s Day 2005. Until that time, Dad was unaware of my poetry. And I was equally unaware of my grandfather’s. So Dad copied all the poems kept by my Grandmother and passed them along to me. Imagine my surprise.

Our Love
by Hal Booth, 1933

There was a maid I knew when young.
Where’re she went ’round her I clung,
And danced her tune whene’re she sung
Our love that started

The war clouds came and gun shells burst,
And to the front among the first
I went, and there with hope I nursed
Our love that parted.

Home I marched with swelling chest,
To wed that maid and build a nest,
And now a girl and boy have blessed
Our love united.

Ten years and one we’re wed today,
And to the end I hope and pray,
With God’s pure love and heavenly ray
Our love be lighted.


13 Responses

  1. i have a full body goose bump!

    ric, what an amazing part of your family history/heritage you have!

  2. beautiful!! you come by your writing talent through your heritage..wow..you really are one of the best writers that I read..so where can I buy the book?? 😉

  3. Tam, me too. I feel as though I’ve been given a family heirloom.

    Darla, thanks for your encouraging words.

  4. Wow. So you come by it honestly!

    Thanks for sharing, Ric.

  5. Michelle, honestly, I am not sure exactly how He does the things He does but this is too cool.

  6. Wow!!! well I guess this family heirloom lives on, through a great grandson. Way to go Ric, love you bro. Our Grandfather had many many talents, most of them guess I wasn’t even aware of. We truly have an amazing God, and how he communicates with those who are open to really allow him to speak just to you. He surely has taken root deep with you. thank you for obedient. love bro

  7. Hey Dave, Thanks! Psst, don’t tell anyone but I’m still working on that whole obedience thing.

  8. I guess the poetry gene, and gift with words, does come down through the generations.

    That is a great heritage to share. Beautful poem, thanks for sharing.

  9. Hey Ed, thanks. Poetry gene… who knew?

  10. Eric, That is the sweetest poem! My great-grandfather lied about his age to join the army in WWII. We still have the letters that he wrote my great-grandmother during that time. Some relatives have originals…..mine are copies, but they are priceless just the same! What a special piece of family history for your dad to pass on to you..

  11. Thank you Susan. Yeah, all of mine are copies. My aunt had the originals. I assume my dad now has the originals at his home. The even cooler thing is he learned calligraphy and wrote many of the poems with a quill! If I get an original, I’m gonna have if framed.

  12. that was awesome! How exciting eh? 😀

  13. Very exciting Bran. Thanks

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