Jacksonville, NC 2002

Its Friday morning
and yes, I know…
There’s work to do!
There’s lawns to mow!

Soccer comes at 8 A.M.
The running starts
and … never ends.

The weekend’s near
The laundry’s high!
let games begin
with silent sighs…

But just this once?
Lets forfeit all.
(just drop that duster an’ pine sol – HA)
an’ let those rain drops all just fall
And let those puzzled wonder why
we’re drenched an’ laughing at the sky


14 Responses

  1. A weakend is a weekend without Christ: no power, no hope, no victory.

    On the other hand, a weekend like you describe can be full of joy and good things. Football, grandchildren swimming in the pool, a visit to see Gramps; these are good things. I can picture what you wrote.

    Admittedly, poetry is not my strong suit, so I was wondering about the title. What is the significance of “weakend?”

  2. Thanks, Ric. I am weak at this end. I could use a good drenching!

    This made me think of the old song, “Fill My Cup, Lord.”

    Love you!

  3. Hey Ron, this was me playing around with meter and rhyme a bit. I’m going to be doing that from time to time. When I titled it (at the end of writing it) I was thinking of how many weekends have slopped away from me. Along the lines of your comment, weak without Christ. The things we think are important often are not …

    Michelle we all need a drenching now and again.

  4. I love the was pine sol smells. Cool little ditty too! 🙂 Nice rythem!

  5. Thanks Selena. Pine Sol just smells clean doesn’t it?

  6. “And let those puzzled wonder why
    we’re drenched an’ laughing at the sky”

    This is great Ric….I love to walk in the rain, especially on the beach during a storm….crazy I know, but it does make me laugh!

  7. Yeah Deb, I know a few who love the rain. It always make me smile.

  8. this is wonderful. the laundry is ALWAYS HIGH!! 😆

  9. Yes, we have the same decorative pile me thinks… haha!

  10. Aww Brotha Ric when I first saw the title, I was trying to figure out why it seemed so clever to me and then it hit me! HAHA yes I’m kind of “duhish” these days; forgive me. Hope you’re feeling stronger. Love you!

  11. Hey Braveone, glad you enjoyed it!

  12. I tend to be a little more reserved – when it rains I rush outside to watch the rain come down – from the covered porch! Is there a spiritual lesson here ?? lol

  13. i recognize the picture,i think. workcamp a few years back? anyone i know?

  14. Hey Papa, I think I resemble that response of yours and the lesson is mostly in the eyes of the beholder.

    Brian you remember correctly. I think it was diving deep, jacksonville. And no I don’t think you know her. Paige from our crew stayed in out the deluge as did many others from other crews.

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