Red-Light District

Capital Dome + Red Light

Capital Dome + Red Light

As I walk from Union Station to my office building each morning I see the dome of the capital building to my left. I notice as I cross the street the red traffic light and the capital dome in the same frame so I stop and take a picture.

Knowing what is going on under that dome each day, I ponder the meaning of the frame. Does it mean congress is selling promises of pleasure? Or does it mean if I pay cash I will receive the promise of satisfaction only to be left wanting?

I decided it really does mean I need to continue walking the crosswalk or be killed.

Hence, I am still blogging.


21 Responses

  1. Well put. To me, the great divide between what goes on under that big dome and what goes on next to Union Station is what’s striking. The Capitol is a stone’s throw away from the homeless who hang out there, and makes me think about how many folks walk past all those homeless men and women every day on their way to do more of the same at the Capitol.

    If you know any of the folks at Union Station from your walking past, say hello to them for me. Most of them will know who I or my sister are.

  2. Thanks Brian. I was just reading your Goodbye, America post. I’ll comment there.

    Do you know Larry? The white hair/beard man in a moterized wheel chair who sits on the corner of 1st and Mass NW?

    I took a photo at Union Station in the morning and blogged about it here: Dawn In Washington, DC

  3. What’s so amazing about this photo…… is the “red lights”. Red lights in our walk of life mean some what the same thing where ever you may travel in the great nation. WARNING, STOP, EMERGENCY…….. now what do we take from this photo as we dare to look again…… just a little deeper!

  4. Hi Dave! Yes, I was struck with similar thoughts. Ignoring a red light is rarely a good thing to do.

  5. Please always continue to cross the crosswalk once stepping out..I have been in those crosswalks! 😯 no don’t stop there…and yes you do have blogging to do…I would miss you

  6. I think every person first elected to congress has the dream of making the country a better place. This changes to doing what will get them re-elected.

    If an elected official does not help their own district they will not get re-elected. There are now over 300 pages of “earmarks” that have been added to the “bail out” bill. They are designed to put money into the district of the representatives who voted against the bill. The voters in those districts will now be more likely to vote to re-elect these representatives.

    The American voter does dictate the actions of their representatives. We get what we pay for.

  7. Darla, I would miss you too. Wait. I would be with Jesus … ok, yeah, you would miss me.

    Ed, It. is. a. mess. Bailout or crash … we are hosed. Unless we live in one of those districts…hmmm

  8. youre random. i like it. or was this not random and my brain is just thinking randomly? im confused.

    but i would miss you too!

  9. now how can i argue with that 🙄

    have a great day, its friday!!!

  10. Tam, I am random. Or bizarre … at times.

    Darla, haha. ITS FRIDAY!

  11. I’m getting ready to head out for my morning bike ride, and there are several red lights along the way. I had better stop at those lights or is “squashed pastor” on the menu, or is that “squished pastor?” Either way, one must obey the signs.

    @edfromct: Great observation about the earmarks. Doe anyone here want term limits on the senate and house?

  12. Hi Ron. Term limits would help.

  13. I couldn’t type on the 3rd. The second sentence should read “… or it’s “squashed pastor”…” What is wrong with these fingers? BTW, Ric, there’s a couple of posts on my blog about Linux that have made it to LXer and a few other Linux online sites. Aren’t you running a BSD server?

  14. Cool Ron! Yes I am. BSD in the den. Haha. So what the name of the killer post?

  15. I do know a guy in a motorized wheelchair. Is he particularly heavyset and a Vietnam vet? If so, then I have a crazy story about him.

  16. NICE! 😉 theme looks good, I like the look 🙄

  17. Oh and the header…SWEET!

  18. Sorry it took so long to get back to you, Ric. A friend submitted “Linux – Is It For You?” and “Simply Mepis 8 is Looking Good.” I submitted “Simply Mepis and My Office.” Sorry, I didn’t mean for this to happen. This is your post about reflecting on a beautiful picture.

  19. Hey Brian that may be the same guy but Larry isn’t way heavy… haha.

    Darla, thanks!

    Ron, Thank you and no problem. I found the “Simply Mepis” post referenced at LXer. Thank you for the tips.

  20. Powerful Post!!! Reminds me of the new commersial with the firemen running congress!!! Can it really be that tough to be on the side of the people who put you in office?

  21. Thank you Sharon and welcome to my blog. I think this is the first time I’ve met you here. I know that commercial!! Haha.

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