Ordinary Miracles

God creates the vine and teaches it to draw up water by its roots and, with the aid of the sun, to turn that water into a juice which will ferment and take on certain qualities. Thus every year, from Noah’s time till ours, God turns water into wine. That, men fail to see. Either like the Pagans they refer the process to some finite spirit , Bacchus or Dionysis; or else, like the moderns, they attribute the real and ultimate causality to the chemical and other material phenomena which are all that our senses can discover in it. But when Christ at Cana makes water into wine, the mask is off. The miracle has only half its effect if it only convinces us that Christ is God; it will have its full effect if whenever we see a vineyard or drink a glass of wine we remember that here works He who sat at the wedding party in Cana.

–C.S. Lewis, in his essay entitled Miracles

Were he around today, I would so subscribe to Clive’s blog.


6 Responses

  1. I would subscribe to Lewis’ blog as well. He is one of my favorites to read. Love his quotes.

  2. Hi DaRonn. Welcome. Good to meet another Lewis fan.

  3. me too!! I love his quotes and how his mind worked..my faovrite quote of his is “HE is not safe but HE’s good”

  4. Love CS Lewis. I’m with Cathi Stegall on that one…I have a crush on him but my husband’s perfectly OK with it…he is dead.

    If I’ve only had grape juice can I still relate to this piece?

  5. I love that line too Darla…which would explain why Disney left it out of the movie. {sigh}

    So its ok to have a crush on dead people? Nobody told me! And unfermented juice qualifies as an ordinary miracle.

  6. oh yeah. id subscribe too!

    darla – yes! awesome quote!

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