Posting Nothing

For two weeks, I posted nothing while working on nothing. I continue to labor over little words, which in and of themselves are nothing, in a never-ending quest for something about the one thing missed in everything as though it were nothing. I will, as always, continue to work on nothing for some time to come. It seems nothing satisfies me. However, the alternative is to post nothing, which might only confuse everyone. Then I thought: why should I be the only one confused here?


this is all about
nothing. the particular,
kind nothing costing

in everything
nothing scares the powerful
nothing beats great sex

poor live and die with
nothing. in particular,
that nothing that costs

painful poverty
breeds nothing in abundance
its everywhere

nothing is always
near but rarely ever seen
like a good neighbor

the rich need nothing
unfortunately with wealth
nothing costs too much

receiving nothing
can be extremely painful
giving nothing, kind

giving something for
nothing moves everything
closer to nothing

giving everything
for absolutely nothing
is the greater love

in nothing resides
the one thing often missed
in everything


8 Responses

  1. Thanks for nothing. 🙂

    “nothing beats great sex” – with that will get you a few more hits on your blog stats.

    I have nothing else to say but have a happy new year and I hope you and your family share in great joy and love in 2009.

  2. Cool, nothin’ beats great blog stats. Happy New Year Ed!

  3. Happy New Year my brother! I know I am so very late, but I didn’t want to leave you nothing, and especially the hurtful kind…since I love ya more than nothing, and I am a lover of nothing. sweet!

  4. Happy New Year Darla!

  5. I’ve been reading from the home page back … and from one poet to another – THIS ROCKS!!!


    I can’t remember if I’ve written here before, I don’t think so… Annie invited me over… but I’ll be back.. and maybe share a poem with u sometime 😉

  6. Welcome bajanpoet and thank you.

    It would take a fellow poet to fully appreciate this piece. 😉

  7. Hi nto All
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    I used Windows XP.
    With best regards,

  8. gotta love the internet.

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