The Season in Review

My grandson (who still calls me rad-dad btw) likes to wear my hats. He really likes my Dallas Cowboys, Five-Time Super Bowl Champs hat. He likes to ham it up (as long as I show him the pictures). Here’s a summary the season.

Early Euphoria

Early Euphoria

Early WHOA! Did you SEE that!!

Early WHOA! Did you SEE that!!

Mid-season concern

Mid Season Concern

Late season shock. (aka, dumbfounded)

Late Season Shock. (A.k.a., Dumbfounded)

End-of-the-road disappointment

And, finally: The-End-of-the-Road Disappointment (A.k.a., How much longer do I have to wear this hat?)

Where is Spiderman when you need him?


14 Responses

  1. wow. those eyes. story tellers!

  2. I’m really liking the Spider-Man outfit. What a handsome guy. Does he take after his grandfather? What happened to those Cowboys, anyway?

  3. Awesome! What a cute Cowboys fan! 🙂

  4. Tam, he’s a ham. He also wants the take the pics himself.

    Ron, Does he take after his granddad? Well, maybe in the hamming-it-up dept. As far as what happened to those Cowboys goes, I think the answer is “December.”

    Thanks Selena. I think his daddy will be making a Ravens fan out of him soon enough. sniff.

  5. These are great pictures, and the captions relate really well. Good Job!

  6. Thanks Babe, I thought you’d like this one. 😉

  7. Ric, what a great smile, and eyes. That last expression is like mine after my Mets blow another lead.

    Rad-dad does sound a lot cooler than grandpa. I think you will remain “rad-dad” until the day he gets his license you won’t let him drive your car. 🙂

  8. Thanks Ed. He does have a great smile 😀

  9. That is a very fun analogy of the season. Your grandson is priceless. The Cowboys – – well – – – my Skins didn’t do any better this season. Sorry for that.

    Happy New Year!

  10. Hey Sue! Yeah, it seamed as thought a LOT of teams did not want to go to the playoffs… weird season. Grandson is priceless. Happy New Year!

  11. Well, you can’t get too down about a sorry season while watching the game with such an adorable fan.

    We’ll come back, Ric. We ALWAYS do! 😉

  12. Yes, its true… this little fan makes me smile even when I want to cry. 😉

  13. Hey, I want a hat like that! and I’m still in mourning for the Cowboys.
    Here’s hoping for a Steelers-Eagles Super Bowl where the Steelers clip the Eagles’ wings. In fact, if we have a party I’ll serve “Eagles’ Wings.”

  14. I bet I’d like THOSE wings! HA! Oh well, sit back and enjoy the games … like me. no biggie… anymore.

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