Summertime Preview Today

Summertime in February

Summertime in February

If it gets much warmer, I might have to turn on the AC. Never fear though–they are calling for freezing rain on Saturday… because I am OFF on Saturday. Its a conspiracy and I’m sure Al Gore is involved at some level.


7 Responses

  1. It’s not a conspiracy. He’s pretty open about it.

  2. Hey Jordan you’re right! haha

  3. that looks heavenly!!!!

  4. hahahahaha!!!!

    72???? Seriously???

    I wish I were living back home right now. Although I guess I can’t complain. Weather up here has been around 40. That’s pretty darn well Spring up in MN. 🙂

  5. If you think that’s good, wait till you see Hurricane Ike in Columbus Part II!

  6. hahahaha I live close enought to you to have had that same thought!! yesterday no jacket, when I am off..freezing rain and possiblity of snow.. Oh AL GORE!!! what up man!

  7. Didn’t a global warming conference have to be canceled due to incredibly cold weather recently? Someone mentioned that to me. Oh, well. It’s 73 now in central Florida, and will be about 82 by Saturday. I like the cool weather. It’s bad when you walk across the street to the church from the parsonage and you’re soaked from head to toe with perspiration. Al Gore invented the internet, so he could possibly be involved in some way, as you say, Ric.

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