In a Forest, 2nd Draft

This is my first time experimenting with this poetic form. I do not know the name for it but I have seen it a few times and I love it! What we have here is three poems: The poem on the left, the poem on the right, and the combined poem read left to right (shuffled together). I am still tweaking it but this is pretty much it.

In a Forest, No One Walks Alone
by ric booth

in a forest, no one walks alone
his friend is with him still
in a flood, no one is dying of thirst
he does not see Him
in a church, no one wonders why
why does everyone look happy?
in a home, no one opens the closet
there is so much pain here
in a mirror, no one sees himself
he owns all the pain
in a dungeon, no one longs for punishment
reaping what he sows
in a crowd, no one knows the name
never calling out the name
in a forest, no one walks alone
yet He is with him still
in a defence, no one becomes
sadly birthed into obsurity
in a gathering, no one practices being
and honing this craft
in a discussion, no one is unheard
knowing what not to say
in a sitcom, no one finds distraction
a gilligan in black and white
in a tragedy, no one joins the laugh track
laughing to belong
in a bedroom, no one sees and hears
blinded to all pain
in a battle, no one wears camo
a chameleon in a forest
in a child, no one hides himself
never to show his colors
in a coma, no one is quite comfortable
neither asleep nor awake
in a forest, no one walks alone
oblivious of his companion
in a crash, no one survives the impact
a miracle
in a dungeon, no one longs for rescue
from above
in a mirror, no one sees … the child
hiding in the dark
in a home, no one opens the closet
emerging from the child
in an instant, no one remembers
and no one dies
in a forest, no one walks alone
Thank God. Praise Him.

18 Responses

  1. Ric,

    Wonderful. Really. I love the music of it as well as the message (at least the one I take from it.)

  2. Thank you Anita.

  3. Ok – THAT’S Impressive. – Just as a work of poetry. 🙂

    As a testimony – just awesome!

    Makes even more sense to me now, and i love that the right ‘justified’ part works as a ‘complete’ work in itself also.

    Really good stuff Bro’…

    or is that ‘son’ now?

    VMom 🙂


  4. Thank you Love…. and thanks for pointing out the right justified one. Interesting.

  5. Great presentation Ric. That is a very creative style of poetry.

    I have copied it and added it to my PC library


  7. Wow Ed, coming from you (a lover of poetry) that’s quite a compliment. Thanks!

    And thanks Darla, I’m glad you love it. Yeah… heavy. I don’t do lite too well.

  8. Ric,
    This is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. It took my breath away. Very melodious, as two seperate poems and one complete poem. Just…Wow.

  9. Thank you so much Gothiquefae!

  10. ooohhh…I like that right justified thing.

    Of course, being left-handed I’m deeply offended at the implications… 🙂

  11. Cool. So it is beautiful, melodious, wow, impressive, right justified, AND offensive. Reminds me of my best friend. 😉

  12. I’ve read this through many times. So much to take in…

    The child in the dark…hiding…

    Praise God! He was, is and shall be forever with us.

    Thanks, Ric.

  13. There are many images transcribed into mere words here Michelle. Some of the images are fuzzy, some disturbing, some hopeful. Thank Michelle.

  14. Found a way out from the forest yet? 🙂

    Or at least can feel the Sunshine on your heart as it beams down through those branches to make bright spots in the gloom and dark places?

    The light will always be there – the trees will one day die and fall.

    But you know that – yes?

    VMom 😉


  15. Thanks Love, yes I know this but I do need to be reminded.

  16. That’s what Mom’s are for! 😀


  17. I am so late in responding to this.

    I miss you Brotha Ric and it’s nice to visit and see something that touches my heart so deeply.

    I can relate to the verse about looking into the mirror. There is so much pain there everytime I look in one. I can barely stand it at times.

    Love you. Be blessed.

  18. Hey Braveone, good to see you. I’ve been a “out of it” for a while now myself. Thanks for the comment. I think I need to look for Him in that mirror more often.

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