Hiding Place

New life worship Jared Anderson

Thanks D, this brought up so many images and memories and well, yes, tears.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


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  1. So … you do know my hiding place. 🙂

  2. Thanks for affirming He has helped you (and will perhaps others too?) through me in some way.
    Yes, ‘tears’ here too knowing He is so faithful to use us when we just listen and obey.


  3. Hey Ric. Got another mathematical equation. Care to e-mail me?

  4. We do all need some place where we can safe. Jesus does provide that comfort for so many.

    I would say that living with faith is not hiding. It’s finding the courage to truly live.

  5. Thankfully, i have never had a ‘need’ for a Hiding Place.

    For me i would see Him as more of a Refuge – a Safe Harbour you can run against the storm tide to to find calming waters in His prescence.

    But i have ‘grave’ doubts that many frightened broken battered and worse children can stay for long in such a harbour – or a hiding place either unless it is exceptionally good – when a parent determines it’s time someone learned the WRONG lesson.- again.

    i think we need to do all we can to seek out those children and cause the ‘storm’ to end for them.

    They are far more prevalent in our so-called ‘civilised society’ than i have seen any ‘leader’ admit to and take assertive action to reduce.

    Anyone else agree with me we should have less ‘need’ for that Hiding Place for innocent sufferers?

    Or have ideas as to how we can detect the abusers and prevent this proliferation from continuing to infect yet another generation? Because Hiding our heads in the sand just does NOT work against this.

    Hope the vacation was all you needed 🙂


  6. Love,

    I think the ‘hiding’ here is the same ‘refuge/safe harbor’ you referred to that provides the ‘spiritual/emotional’ resting place needed in the midst of the storm.

    I do agree though that we need to do everything possible to seek out those caught in those storms to rescue them, but often they (perhaps like Ric?) are trapped by their own fears to do/say anything about it.

    Finding that ‘rest’ in the Lord may just inspire the courage and wisdom within them to seek help from someone they can trust (i.e. the one(s) the Lord directs them to as they find their refuge in Him).

    We do need to be more aware also (that comes from our ‘closeness to Him’ as well), and He will bring us together to complete the ‘rescue’ I believe.

    It takes change from the ‘inside’ as well as the ‘outside’, but , as with all of life, I think it most always occurs in that order (Matt. 18:3-7).


  7. I would say that living with faith is not hiding. It’s finding the courage to truly live.

    Thank you for this thought Ed!

    Love, The vacation was absolutely amazing. Thank you.

    Yes D, caught and trapped. Children want things to get better today or tomorrow not next year. And most are sharp enough to know that speaking out will absolutely not achieve their immediate goals. Finding hard evidence is also very difficult (at best) since both the adult (parent or whomever) and the child are determined to prevent that from ever happening.

  8. D – agree with your perspectives.

    Ric – both the abuser(s) and the victims need help – the abusers will rarely stop of their own ‘conscience’, rather because of lack of opportunity or fear of exposure. Outside help to deal with the reasons for performing the abuse i believe is essential if it is to be stopped ‘quickly’ and the victim needs help to understand how they can best be SAFE while not feeling guilty for ‘destroying’ the family by revealing the shame and offense to the world.

    i know it is not going to be ‘easy’ but bringing the size of the problem, through personal revelations such as your own here and also through a wider awareness of our community to the real situation behind the ‘facade’ of civilised man is what we need – all of us – to be doing to stop this crime.

    Punishing it may not be the BEST answer to stopping it so the ‘hard’ evidence may not be as necessary in all cases.

    Having a ‘way out’ could be what is needed more for all concerned.

    And we can ALL be a part of that.

    As indeed you are already! 🙂


  9. […] My guide is helping me greatly, even supernaturally, with this ghost. He is leading me, ever so patiently out of my make-shift hiding place and into him. […]

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