Come Sail Away

Last Friday, Patti and I went on a sunset sail on the mouth of the Choptank River as it enters the Chesapeake Bay. The weather? Perfect!


At first there is no wind and Captain Chris, who is also the owner of the 75 year-old Lady Patty, asks, “Does anyone have a nickel?”

I produce a nickel and Capt’n Chris says, “Throw it in!” He then tells a very funny story involving buying a bit’o wind from Neptune. As he recounts his story the wind picks up and we’re off! For real.

I joke, “Hey, I got a quarter!”

“No! Don’t do it Ric!” shouts our Capt’n.

Everyone laughs.


Check out the Lady Patty on the web

Check out the Lady Patty on the web

If you ever vacation in St Michaels or Tilghman Island, Maryland, you too can have this much fun: Captain Chris and the Lady Patty.


4 Responses

  1. As it says on my Snoopy coffee mug:

    “At times – Life is Pure Joy!” 🙂

    Good things come to those that persevere.

    Even when they don’t start out that way! 😉

    of course, life does have a way of ‘evening out’ some times.


  2. What a beauty! She looks very much like my grandfather’s boat. Which … I think has now been sold. 😦 But I did get to go out on the Chesapeake on her twice. Quite non-eventful both times (and half of both was taken up with a beautiful nap on the deck), but very, very enjoyable. 🙂

  3. Quite non-eventful both times

    Our Captain (Chris) said, “Life on the water is months and months of uneventful monotony punctuated with moments of sheer terror.”

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