I remember being glued to the tube whenever Giiiigaaaanntor came on. My bar was lower back in the 60s.


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  1. Yeah. That bar was pretty low, Ric. The Adventures of Superman from the 1940s beats Gigantor by a long shot! 😀

  2. I had an addiction to the Superman TV series too (B&W version) but Gigantor was cool because a boy controlled him

  3. We all need a hero now and then 😉

    or a form of ‘escape’ from reality.

    Mine might have been Agent 86, Maxwell Smart.

    he never quite did anything ‘right’ – but he always got the Girl.

    And he was a ‘Good Guy’ – at heart – overcoming evil for the forces of niceness.

    If Only.


  4. haha. And I remember Atari being SOOOOO cool! 😀

  5. Maxwell Smart was one of my heroes too!

    And Atari IS cool! Ok, was.

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