been stuck here long ’nuff

Freedom from Fear by Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell's Freedom from Fear, The Saturday Evening Post, February 20, 1943.

Have you ever craved a blessing so much obsessively that you actually became stuck there?

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  1. You mean stuck in the craving? CS Lewis would say that the craving is what we really want and the actual fulfillment of that craving is only a tiny morsel of the enjoyment of it.

  2. In my life i have had more than my share of cravings, not too sure if ANY of them would count as a ‘Blessing’ though?

    i have had one or two occasions where distress lead me to seek some ‘relief’ to be granted to me from any available source, which i am assuming compares to what you are referring? it was not found ‘quickly’ but i am currently in a fairly good place 🙂

    I can honestly say that i don’t think i have ever experienced what you are describing… but neither have i had anything approaching your life experiences, particularly the early and recent ones, so maybe i am not a ‘fair’ judge’?

    I DO understand rather well how our brains work however, and i would say that our brains do indeed have such an ability to keep us ‘trapped’ in a no longer existing ‘circumstance’ – where what we might have expected as being ‘fair and reasonable’ was NOT what we experienced and we suffer a ‘longing’ that no longer ( if it ever) can be fulfilled.

    And we can ‘feed’ that by playing it over and over as if on a video ‘loop’ in our mind’s ‘eye’ – or we can try to push it down into our subconscious (where nothing is ever ‘forgotten’ – just not able to be recalled by the conscious mind, which is not to say it no longer affects us in every day life). Neither is a very good idea although they may be hard to impossible to avoid for a time.

    The answer i believe is to be found by ‘freeing’ the subconscious/conscious imbalance and by realising the truth – what is past is past now and it is up to US to live as well as we might here and hereafter.

    This can take time if our brains are ‘hardwired’ (through repetition or ‘blocks’ caused by high strong walls) into a fixed pattern -We ARE able to rewire our brains but we may need a little ‘help’ to do this effectively and ‘safely’.

    There IS a way out that leads to a stronger and better Ric, but patience and wisdom and possibly faith will be required in abundance.

    I believe you are doing the ‘right’ things and that there will be more ‘trials’ ahead, but they will be worth it in the long run.

    Hang in there Bro’ 🙂


    • And we can ‘feed’ that by playing it over and over as if on a video ‘loop’ in our mind’s ‘eye’…

      Yes, we can and we do. In this area of my life, I need to let go of this craving.

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