Childhood Pleasures

The Father’s Heritage Journal Question of the Day:

What did you enjoy doing most as a child?
Did you enjoy doing it alone or with someone else?

Enjoy Most?? Its a toss up:

  1. Going to school
  2. Going to church with Grandma Smith (ages 5 – 10)
  3. Going to Aunt Harriet’s and Uncle Walter’s farm
  4. Building models of doll house funiture, ships, and rockets
  5. Reading SciFi novels
  6. Going to visit Grandma and Grandpa Booth

In school, I could be the teacher’s pet and often received praise for my accomplishments. The same held true for Sunday School.

Coming from “the city” (ages 5 – 12), Aunt Harriet’s and Uncle Walter’s farm was a great escape. When I visited, I would invariably wet the bed. I remember trying to hide it (just like home) by making the bed and putting my pj’s under the pillow. I remember being shocked when I discovered clean, dry sheets and clean dry pj’s folded and waiting on the bed in the evening. (This same bizarre behavior took place at Grandma and Grandpa Booth’s home.) I’d always cry in the backseat of the car leaving the farm (or grandma and grandpa’s).

I always enjoyed reading SciFi novels alone in my room. I also enjoyed, many hours building models in my room alone. My mother encouraged my reading and model building. My step-dad thought there was something wrong with me.

I never invited friends over. I never thought anything of this until much later in life.


2 Responses

  1. i was a Sci-fi reader an model-maker too ( Planes and warships). i never had a chance to visit and live on a real farm though ( i’ll live!) 😉

    Staying with my Aunt and going on day-tips with her to places far and wide in her car ( sometimes as far as 60 or 70 miles way from ‘home’!) and the interesting places and fun things we did together.

    Sliding down grassy hills on a summers day on cardboard boxes that eventually wore through because we made so many ‘runs’ as kids.

    Talking about the Universe beyond our own planet with my mates who had a similar interest in space to me. (Up until age 11 when my parents moved home half way around the world).

    Playing with my train set of my slot-car race track (we were a poor but happy family!)

    After moving to Aus spending time with my best mate Greg and doing typical boys stuff together (and occasionally getting into some trouble that we mostly managed to hide from our parents) 😉

    Not all parents were as good as mine. I did not realise this until after i had left childhood far behind.


  2. I have two happy memories from my childhood.

    Staying with my grandma Nell, when my mother was in the hospital. Especially watching her bake. The smell of fresh bread, and cookies hot off the oven.

    Playing with my dog Buttons in the fields across from my house.

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