Windows, Panes, & Walls

sipping peach tea
singing birds free
shining sun through
transparently true
windows explain
bordering panes
meeting our walls
weathering falls

April is national poetry month, but then, you knew that already. Today’s poem is inspired by Kota over on inProgress.


4 Responses

  1. oh wow, ric. youre kinda good at this.


    im so glad my lil misfit boy inspired this beautiful poem.

  2. Ric, I enjoy Haikus, like all poetry. I don’t have your talent with words, I soak up the thoughts of others.

    I found this today:

    Spring grass turning green
    a cool flame hearlds spring
    continual cycles.

    by Sandi Schraut

    I also signed up on to get their one-a-day poem during April.

    I hope you and your family a very joyous Easter.

  3. Thank you Ed, for the compliment and for the poem. I get that one-a-day poem from too.

    Well, I receive them and then get some of them. 😉

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