anew normal poem

April is National Poetry Month and I am attempting to write poetry … even though I may not want to. Strange.

So, I was thinking of my new normal and considering it’s impact on my life. Many relationships are forever changed. We cannot go back to the unknowing, although we might want to. Go back. My friend Jeff, who likes to quote movie lines, usually responds with the Matrix’, “I know what you’re thinking, why didn’t I take the blue pill!”

Anew Normal

Mourning the loss of a previous life
Dumping out lies and filling with strife
Longing for clueless laughter therein
Clinging to chains of unspeakable sin
Unhating the sinners unlike my old friend
Learning to love all all over again
Loathing the real of my reality
Standing here now without my old me


5 Responses

  1. We can see how much our culture has changed by the fact that in the past people got their quotes from books, now most get them from movies, and TV.

    Trying to write when we don’t feel motivated is one of the hardest jobs I can think of. I think you succeeded with Anew Normal.

    I like the line “Longing for clueless laughter therein” the most. Clueless laughter can be a positive or negative expression. A forced laugh when we are not really happy is very sad. When we are laughing out of pure joy, we don’t need to have a reason.

    I am curious about the line “Hating the sinner unlike my old friend”.

    I hope from where you are standing now you like the new you a lot better than the old one.

  2. I’m claiming this poem. You’ve perfectly stated where I am at this point in time. Although, I am interpretting the line, “Hating the sinner unlike my old friend” as me, being the sinner, and my old friend, Jesus, still loves me…as shocking as that is.

    I’m impressed you can write while in this place. I’ve practically shut down. Hoping for fresh air soon…

    FYP (for you praying)

  3. thanks Ed and Michelle.

    You both keyed in on the same line. I almost made it:

    Unhating the sinners unlike my old friend

    Which is, in hindsight, my preferred variation. I’m going through this process of unhating or de-hating or “forgiving” plus if you pause after sinners the second part also describes another part of my struggle… i.e., not being too happy with the one in control.

  4. After having been incognito for some months this was an extremely encouraging, easy-to-relate-to, speaking-my-heart, post. Thank you for sharing your gift with us Brotha Ric. Love you!

  5. Hi Braveone! Good to hear from you (even though I’ve never actually heard your voice 😉 ). I hope all is well with you and your little one!

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