Alone. With you.

Being alone and feeling alone are two very different things.

Alone. With you.

when life it brings its numbing pain,
and pain responds by life-ing shame
with meds we feel no numb at all
a wincing smile, alter call.
we’re told to choose! (to choose to live)
yet pain, it does, so freely give
and life is none too short on pain
to choose, accept, to much disdain
no one can know so one can care
a heart, adrift, a soul threadbare
we’re told we should no only joy
despite an ever empty boy
your will, you say, makes all anew
so hear, I am, so where are you?


4 Responses

  1. threadbare is one of my favorite words.

  2. Enjoy your blog. Especially love this poem.

    God bless,


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