The Costume Party of Life

On Halloween, I was diddling in here (the draft section of WordPress) and I typed and tweeked and typed and tweeked and this is all I ended up with.

dressing in costume disguise who I am
pretentiously tending falsehoods of man

masking those feelings despise what I am
ostensibly bending light when I can

cov’ring the cover ashamed of I am
religiously mending works of my hand


2 Responses

  1. I like your diddlings and tweeks.

    I found the imagery behind “dressing in costumes disguise who I am” very interesting.

    I didn’t get the connection between “masking feelings despise who I am” and “ostensiby bending light when I can”.

    • Hey Ed. Masking who and what we are includes hiding our true feelings. The reference to light is a reference to all things good and pure. I was thinking of “bending the rules” when I wrote that line.

      The little white lies of hiding our feelings are social accepted and often encouraged (esp among us men;).

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