Reading Recommendation

Given that Black History Month is right about the corner and my blog is fresh with controversial parallels, I humbly recommend this read.

Harriet Beecher Stowe penned Uncle Tom’s Cabin back in the mid-1800s. This book is not at all about literature. It is about history. It is about a Christian’s response to a state-sanctioned, church-sanctioned, and culturally perceived, God-sanctioned institution of oppression.

I recommend this book now simply to learn (or re-learn). And not to, necessarily, learn from the oppressed (although, that will happen) but rather, to learn from the oppressors and the conscientious objectors.

I would not suggest comparing the suffering. I do suggest comparing those who inflicted the suffering. The former inflicts injury onto the afflicted, which would be cruel (duh?). The latter, however, afflicts the comfortable. That would be, well, Christ-like.

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