Chill. We are not Under Attack

I continue to hear the institution of marriage is under attack by the homosexual community. Please stop using this language. We are not at war. We are not in a battle. We do not need to take the offensive. We do not need to be offensive. We do not need to defend marriage. We do not need to be defensive.

Please stop using language with fighting and warring metaphors. Less informed, overzealous individuals pick up on our strong language and start carrying it to extremes.  Likening legislation to a battle leads many to the next, absurd level of justified battles (a.k.a., just wars).

First of all, this battle cry is a day late and a dollar short. With drive-through chapels, Elvis impersonating pastors, and rubber stamping justice-of-the-peace officials, state sanctioned weddings do not, in any way, resemble the picture we claim to be defending. The 50% divorce rates of western, Christian cultures do not match the Norman Rockwell painting we are holding up.

Secondly, God is not going to “pour out his wrath upon this nation” if we allow gay marriage. Even if one’s theology maintains that the OT covenant of Law and Judgment is still alive and well today, there are significantly bigger fish with which to be concerned. Said differently, if the choices of  <5% of our populace garners this much attention, then the choices of 50 to 100% of our populace should garner ten to twenty times the action — not zero.

War-metaphor rhetoric has led to abortion clinic bombings and funeral protesters. No, we are not responsible for the reprehensible actions people choose to commit. Yes, our words absolutely carry considerable weight and influence.

We must wield words well. Words that injure come easily from our fears. Words that heal come painfully from our injuries.

Do not be afraid.

13 Responses

  1. You are completely right. Its this warlike metaphor that has other people criticizing Christians in general. As is normal, people fear Christianity, because they do not know it, and associate it with the sign toting epithet yelling groups that make the loudest noise. Good post, great wake up call.

  2. I always found the entire notion that marriage was “under attack” completely absurd. It’s as ridiculous as it is unnecessary.

    And besides, those who have inflamed the idea have done a great job of messing up the whole world all by themselves.

    Good post, Ric.

  3. Thank you, Liz. I am hopeful that we are on the cusp of a shift here.

  4. And thank you also, Nor.

  5. WELL SAID!!!!!! I love that you keep going on this topic.😀

  6. Thank you, Annie! I will probably not be allowed to let go of this one for a while.

  7. I’m still looking for the place in the Bible that tells me the most “Jesus” thing I can do is to oppose and/or picket something.

    • Hi Dale, thanks for coming by and commenting. The gay marriage legislation opposition does seem to highlight how far out of touch many of our fellow Christians have become.

  8. I understand and agree with your sentiments about the church pointing fingers in the wrong direction.

    The reality is that we do have an enemy and he does attack (steal, kill and destroy) us in any and every aspect of our lives (relationships, health, finances, job, children etc.). He is the one we need to be pointing fingers at, casting down with the knowledge and Word of God, and claiming victory over.

    Not God’s people who we are supposed to love and who are supposed to be on the same side of the “battle” against the enemy.

    • I think metaphorical language involving battles and fighting are fine as long as the enemy is spiritual darkness, sin, satan, etc. As soon as we start to put people in the enemy camp, we create problems.

      In the case of gay marriage , there are very real people involved who are being painted as ‘the enemy.’ While this may not be the intent of all who have used these warring metaphors, the effect is still the same.

  9. I have long found it interesting the talk about “attack on traditional marriage” when traditional marriage is going on so poorly in Christian circles. You are right to point out the rates of divorce among Christians. I would hazard a guess that some of the same problems that plague secular families plague Christian ones with similar ratios. Problems such as substance abuse, domestic violence, and infidelity, all three proven to be potential relationship killers.

    I fail to see how a minority group who wants to take on the legal status of marriage and all the good and bad it can offer, endangers existing marriages at all

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