Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear…

objects in the mirror are closer than they appear

it’s a warning

that things may not yet be
completely behind you.

it might appear
to you and to all who use convex mirrors

and a bit of smoke

that you are past all that.

beyond it.

moved on.

but it is always still
closer than it appears

it’s not that looking back is courageous
so much as not looking back is naive.
often reflecting back is
a prerequisite
to moving on.

Leaves Love

Something new, inspired by and dedicated to a very good friend. However, it will no doubt speak to anyone who has been there.p1015-19b

Leaves Love

Some day’s a wake; we reminisce.
So much at stake; to love like this.

Our sadness climbs; relentlessly.
From joyful times; oh, family tree.

A photograph; of rings gone by.
A tortured laugh; as we ask why.

The dinner’s set; an empty chair.
Our tears though wet; cannot repair.

This fucking life; it seems so wrong.
Where dirge is rite; and love the song.

If one could take such pain away.
Though hearts will break, we choose to stay.

In pain right now; intensely felt.
To honor bow; we tensely knelt.

Today our grief must own the day.
As fallen leaf returns to clay.

The one who leaves, knows only joy.
To love we cleave; learned as a boy.

Yea, one who’s gone knows perfect peace.
Who’s heart beats on; let love increase.
Whose heart beats on, let love increase.

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