2010 Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse

Taken with my Canon Rebel EOS T1i on a tripod with a 55 – 250mm zoom lens set at 250mm. Exposure varied from f5.6 at 5 seconds to f5.6 at 1/1600 second.


Father-Son Fishing

Note to those who want to use my photograph: You are free to use as long as you are not using it for marketing purposes and as long as you include attribution.  Please link back to this blog post and include my name. Thank you.

2 fishing rods a buck-33.95. 1 dozen night crawlers buck-2.95. 5 days camping…

Last night daddy caught a BIG PISH!

father son fishing child dad

My son-in-law, John and grandson, Jacob, fishing Lake Habeeb @ Rocky Gap State Park, Maryland 2009.

A Flat-Water Canoe Ride

A mother-daughter canoe trip on a clear, calm, fresh-water lake.


Morning After the Storm

The fog is lifting. The water is calm. I am not working. Duh.

We had a visitor last night. Probably a raccoon or squirrels. they/he/she almost got a nose full of black pepper…but something must have spooked them.


Hiding Place

New life worship Jared Anderson

Thanks D, this brought up so many images and memories and well, yes, tears.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I so loved the wolf…

dead in the dark wood trapped in the long night
the wolf would eat wolf with rules to feed right.

the wolf knows not why, just this must be done.
I so loved the wolf, I came down as one.

dressed just as the wolf, plunged in the dark wood,
to die as the lamb, pure blood for a hood.

that the wolf might rise by blood of the lamb
and leave the dark wood dressed just as I am.

The Fall

Fall Tree on the Skyline Drive

Fall Tree on the Skyline Drive

Two years ago in October 2006, Patti and I went to the Skyline Drive to see the fall foliage. The trees had not yet peaked so the hills were still pretty green but some of the stunning changes were begining. This tree in particular caught my eye. The leaves closest to the sun were a redish-orange. Then less progressed leaves were bright yellow. Followed by the green leaves on the north side of the tree.

Fall Trail

Fall Trail

We parked the car at a trail head and walked down to some waterfalls. I love paths through the woods. And, of course, paths make a cool header image for my blog.

I don’t think we will get back up there this October but maybe next year. The colors are stuning. Plus we HAVE to drive through Virginia wine country to get there, which is really what this post is all about.

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